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Retail therapy in the British capital
Splurge and indulge in the ultimate shopping paradise in London: the legendary Oxford Street Under the perennially overcast London sky, through the gloomy days and windy nights, what infuses a little joy and happiness into the English winters is the prospect of being absorbed in the lights and lure of the 1 and a ½ mile long Oxford Street. The name is something you will hear of as soon you express the slightest intent of shopping to any London commoner.
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  Beguiling Berlin
A place with the right amalgamation of grit and glamour, swarming with matchless museums and bravura opera, galleries and guerrilla clubs, temples and ethnic eat-outs, the German capital city showcases undying, multicultural energy.

Holding a strong historic allusion dating back to as early as the 13th century, Berlin challenges every tourist with more questions than it can answer. Berlin truly is the archetypal conundrum, wrapped in mystery.
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  The Great Escape
Acknowledge your vows in the presence of nature, on a cliff overlooking the vast expanse of an ocean or in an ancient structure, perhaps a castle, hidden faraway. Pack your bags to say “I do” at any one of these quaint venues; remember, the purest form of romance is experienced in the most beautiful of settings.
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Zodiac Travel
Your zodiac says a lot about you. From vices and virtues to likes and dislikes, it tells you how the position of the planets, at the time of your birth, influences personality traits and even your fortune. As it turns out, your sun sign can also help predict the globetrotting destination you are most likely to enjoy. With Travel Astrology gaining popularity as a trend, Malini Gopalakrishnan consults tarot consultant and spiritual healer Acharye Nandita Pandey on what your sun sign says about your ideal holiday getaway
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Pretty Poland Calling!
Any central European sojourn is incomplete without travelling to picturesque Poland. The country offers an exciting range of gourmet, sightseeing, relaxing and shopping options. Its bustling cities with efficient trams and subways make for an extremely pretty sight. Although Poland does get a decent number of footfalls, it is a mystery why tourists don’t throng to this Republic as they do to most other destinations. The beautiful Polish cities are just begging to be discovered.
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Once upon a time
Embark on an unforgettable journey through the lands of your favourite fairytale characters. “Maerchen Strasse – the Fairy Tale Route –in Germany is sure to cast a spell on you. By Divya Ananth
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Khao Yai: Looking Beyond Bangkok
Khao Yai is known for its vineyard vistas and verdant fruit orchards because of the alpine climate and fertile soil. Beyond the park gates, fertile farmland and fashionable weekend retreats lend the ‘Province of Thailand’ an air of class not found in other pastoral areas. Leave Bangkok to spend a few days here and you will find a mix of tropical adventure and tranquillity not found elsewhere. Text & Photos by Susheela Nair
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  Fascinating Sights and Sounds of Bangkok!
Bangkok has been a dream destination for most world travellers. The city offers myriad options for the travel buff in you!

The excitement and buzz at Bangkok’s Suwarnabhumi airport is infectious. The smiling staff, clean environs and bustling energy of travellers at the airport will get you supercharged for a fun-filled vacation with a good doze of retail therapy!
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  SOJOURN into the Past
From a dusty town, Siem Reap has evolved into a boomtown and tourist hub thanks to the Angkor Wat and the incredible range of magnificent Angkor-period temples in its backyard. Text and Photos by Susheela Nair

It may be a city of temples and history but there are so many things you can do in Siem Reap. You can soar up in a tethered air balloon to have breathtaking and aerial views of Angkor.
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La Vie in Vienna!
Nestled in the foothills of the Alps, on the banks of the great Danube River, sits Vienna, the capital of Austria. Sigmund Freud interpreted dreams here. Mozart’s music still wafts through the breeze. Monuments and palaces that adorn the city’s architecture are steeped in history. All enough to take away your breath, at the very sight of them! Stroll through the streets of Wien, and savour every square inch of the city, replete with the finer facets of life!
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Wondrous Washington: Where history beckons
Washington D.C. is a history buff’s delight. If you are looking to spend a day in museums and historical monuments, Washington is a must tick on your travel list

Washington D.C., the capital of the U.S., is possibly one of the most important cities in the world. If you expect it to be a concrete jungle teeming with chaos and people, here is the big surprise! The first things that greet you are well-planned roads, tree-lined avenues and the laidback atmosphere. The city is an architectural marvel with stunningly beautiful masterpieces jostling for your attention.
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Variety Fare in WAYANAD
Offering a plethora of attractions to tourists, Wayanad district has become the most happening destination of Malabar. Suitably, Wayanad is the melting pot of the natural charm of God’s own country

Interestingly, though the district is called Wayanad, there is no place by that name. So if you scout for a place called Wayanad in Wayanad district, you are likely to be disappointed. Keeping Kalpetta, the district headquarters as the base, one can explore the myriad tourist attractions.
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  Scotland of the East
With its spectacular sunrises,pine-covered hills, green lakes, polo ground, championship golf course, Victorian bungalows, churches, singingbrooks and crashing cascades, Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya has earned the sobriquet, the ‘Scotland of the East’. Picnics, boating and day long hikes are punctuated by leisurely shopping. The British favoured this charming hill station and their influence is discernible in the names of the waterfalls which abound here. It derives its name from the deity Shyllong or Lei Shyllong which is worshipped at the Shillong Peak, 10km from the main town and 1965 metres above sea level.
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A favourite haunt of visiting movie moghuls, the breathtaking environs of Athirapally formed the backdrop of many fighting sequences, rape scenes and romantic interludes of blockbusters like Punnagai Mannan and Raavana. Heroines have sizzled beneath the thundering falls and heroes bashed up villains in the lush green environs.
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Egypt is the land of the magnificent pyramids. It is synonymous with Pharoahs, temples and antiquities from ancient civilizations. The Nile River has greatly influenced the social, political, and religious life of the people. The area around the Nile Valley is the only really habitable part of Egypt, the other 96% comprises of desert area.
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Blessed with a classical past and known to be the cradle of Western culture, Greece does promise a once in a lifetime experience to anyone who warrants it a visit. The archetypal European culture and architecture, scenic beauty of the Grecian landscape, the Mediterranean charm of its islands and beautiful beaches – Greece has all this and more to offer. Located at the southeast end of Europe, it is the southernmost country of the Balkan Peninsula; Greece is best visited during the months of May, June, September and October. The weather during these months is just ideal for a perfect holiday.
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After driving 90 km’s away from Mysore we found a rickety old gate. The gate led to a dirt road lined with sugarcane and ginger fields. And suddenly, all our senses went into overdrive. Clean air filled our lungs, the noises of insects, animals and birds reached our ears and our eyes were trained on the large green expanse of fields and trees lining the velvet waters of the Kabini River. “Welcome to ‘The Bison’ ladies,” said a deep voice. Fifteen of us in the group looked up to see Mohammed Saad Bin Jung, the handsome owner of the Bush Betta luxury tented camp. And knew we were in for a wild ride.
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Sun, sand and sea – if you thought Maldives was just about these things, think again. A thousand Robinson Crusoe Islands, dazzling underwater corals and breathtakingly blue lagoons make a holidaying in Maldives a truly magical experience. Situated near the equator, to the Southwest of Sri Lanka Maldives is comprised of 1190 coral islands forming an archipelago of 26 major atolls in the Indian Ocean. Generally warm and humid, the sun shines in Maldives generally all year through.
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