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Summer is here in all its glory and with it comes a license to show off those legs.

Skirts have been replaced by shorts and the ladies are thrilled about it. We love how versatile they are whether it’s formal or sporty or best of all, super sexy. And yes there is a pair out there for every single one of you!

Balloon Shorts
These babies have been all the rage for the past few seasons and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. Whether it’s because they’re really comfy or a great alternative to minis, it’s clear they’re extremely popular. While they favour the narrow hipped women, with a little bit of smart dressing, most body types can wear this style. If you’re wide, choose darker colours and if you’re tall, go for wide waistbands, cuffs and pockets.


High waist shorts
This style is great because it does the job of tucking in your tummy while lengthening your legs. Since the point of this style is to show off your waist, wear it with a top that can be tucked in. Play around with narrow belts to highlight your waist and add a killer pair of heels for the full effect. For the faint hearted, they don’t have to be skin tight, opt for a floaty pattern instead.


At the top of the ‘essential must have summer list’ are Chino shorts. For those of you that are normally too conservative to attempt wearing shorts, these are a great option.

While they don’t fall into the dressy category, they’re great for those summer days when it’s just too hot to wear pants. Team them with shirts, a simple tee or even a vest.


Denim cuts off
We’re revisiting the 80’s and how! This season, cuts offs are getting dangerously short with more and more people daring to bare. From dark and sleek to super grungy, everyone’s working this trend. If your legs aren’t your best feature, layer them over leggings. So what are you waiting for, grab a pair of those jeans you haven’t worn in ages and get to work.


Are they shorts? Are they a skirt? They’re culottes! Also known as skorts, pleated skirts or divided skirts. One of the most popular trends in the past few years, these are super comfy but aren’t always the easiest to wear. If you’re on the larger side, don’t choose ones with too much pleating, those are strictly for the petite women. Wear them in the day with a simple top and then dress them up in the evening with a blouse or fitted jacket.


Yet another summer staple is the Bermuda shorts. Do away with thoughts of flowered patterns and go for fun checks and stripes. Also avoid wearing them with the sports shoes and socks combo, as this is the typical ‘I’m a tourist’ look. Plus, it is something which our dads do. Instead, team them with gladiators or even fun beach slippers.


Gym shorts
Sporty clothes are no longer confined to working out or sporting activities. The same applies to gym shorts. While celebrities sport them with wild abandon, they aren’t the most appropriate, so wear them with caution. The trick is to go ‘un-sporty’, with your top and footwear. So think cardigan, wedges and a semi dressy bag.

The trick, of course, is in finding the right style for you. Keep in mind, your personality, age and body type. Don’t feel bad about trying on a million pairs, if it means arriving at the perfect pair. Add to that a great pedicure and flaunt those legs in style!



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