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Captivating Cascades
of Athirapalli

A favourite haunt of visiting movie moghuls, the breathtaking environs of Athirapally formed the backdrop of many fighting sequences, rape scenes and romantic interludes of blockbusters like Punnagai Mannan and Raavana. Heroines have sizzled beneath the thundering falls and heroes bashed up villains in the lush green environs.

Emerging from the high altitudes of Anamalai range in Tamil Nadu, Chalakudy River winds its way through dense forest teeming with wildlife, hills and gorges overhung with trees down the slopes of the Western Ghats. It traverses through the Vazhachal Falls just past the Peringalkuthu Dam to plunge 80 ft at Athirapally village in Thrissur district in Kerala.

How to get there
It is 55 km from Kochi. The nearest airport (Nedumassery) is 85km. Chalakudy (30km) is the nearest railhead. Travel along NH-47 to Chalakudy and turn right for Pollachi. There is a scenic route to the falls via a rubber plantation.

February to May is the summer season when the temperature varies between 30 and 36 degrees Celsius. During the monsoon (June to October), the temperature is between 26 and 32 degrees. The nights are cool and pleasant. In the mild winter, (Nov. to Jan.), the temperature ranges from 18-28 degrees.

Best time to visit
During the monsoon from June to October when the falls are in full spate.

Must see must do

Athirapally Falls
The falls plummets 80 ft down a yawning chasm before creating the glorious spectacle of cascading water and invigorating sting of its flying spray. Trek along a cobbled path leading to the top of the falls and watch it cascading down the hard granite rocks with a thunderous roar. Or move down to the base of the falls along a winding, boulder-strewn path covered by a canopy of verdant foliage for unbeatable views of the falls and undulating hilly regions which stand sentinel to the falls.

Vazhachal Falls
Not a waterfall in the true sense, it is a scenic spot being in close proximity to the dense green forestland. The river tumbles down a large slope dotted with myriads of rocks thus creating a profusion of foam and a cascade like impact. With profuse flora and a medicinal herbal garden maintained by the Forest Department, Vazhachal is a tourist’s delight.

Charpa Falls
To the east of Athirapilly is the lesser known Charpa falls which plunges down to the road during the torrential rains. Gaze at the multi-layered flow of this roadside falls and feel the mist.

Jungle safaris
Take a jeep ride through the dense forest to soak in the sights and sounds of the jungle. The region has a bewildering biodiversity which comprises of 402 rare plants, 99 fish species and diverse species of fauna including four rare species of Hornbill, the rare Cochin forest cane turtle, the lion-tailed macaques, tiger, leopard, and the Nilgiri langurs. Then drive along the backwaters of the Sholayar Dam past tea plantations to Malakkapara and Valpara. Beyond the tea estates is the famed Indira Gandhi National Park. From the very top, one can catch glimpses of the picturesque waters of the Aliyar mini-hydel project.

Shop for
One can shop for honey, spices and Kerala banana chips.

Eat here
Try out the Kerala fare served at the restaurants in the hotels and resorts or stop by the wayside eateries for refreshments and snacks.

We recommend
Overnight camping near a Kadar tribal hamlet just by the shores of a reservoir. Savoir tapioca cooked in bamboo hollow, and freshly caught fish which is turned gently over a log fire. Visit the tribal village, fish in the river and go on a guided trek accompanied by a native guide to have close encounters with the bold and the beautiful.

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