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Guard Your Mane This Monsoon
Although monsoons provide much-needed relief from the scorching heat, it brings along with it humidity which is the main culprit for all your hair problems. Sail through all the sticky hair woes and enjoy the monsoon with lustrous hair with some extra care. By Anitha Ramachandran
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Gold in skincare
An eternally radiant and youthful skin is every woman’s reverie. Of late, gold infused skincare products with various promises have been hogging the limelight. Rekha Shamugham gets to the bottom of the phenomenon
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With a stress filled lifestyle that barely allows you to get your dose of beauty sleep and sky rocketing prices of salon services that burn a hole in your pocket, instant face pack recipes are just what you need to get gorgeous skin. By Anitha Ramachandran

They say a good face is like a letter of recommendation and keeping it blemish free and exuberant is paramount.
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  Soft, Supple Limbs
Contrary to stereotypical beliefs, our hands and feet are one of the most noticed parts of our body. Yet most of us feel a tad reluctant to take care of our limbs preferring instead to cover up rough hands, thickened cuticles and cracked feet. Your limbs enhance your aura and charm. Then why leave them uncared for? By Sherley

Tending to daily beauty requirements is predominantly about hair care, body massage and facials.
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  Mask it home style
Your hair is your crowning glory and needs careful tending post your salon visits too and hence homemade hair packs are essential and much in demand
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  Detox Essentials
Detoxification is a very powerful tool to beautify the body from inside out and therefore a favourite with every bride to be. The trouble begins when a woman in her eagerness to look beautiful on her special day plunges headlong into an unscientific regime of purging fats from her body through fad diets and semi starvation just days before her wedding and ends up harming her body rather than helping it.
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  Colour Me Beautiful
From subtle highlights to shocking streaks, colouring your hair is a fun and painless way to express your individuality or to even just boost your confidence. Your hair is one of your most prominent physical characteristics – it is important that you nurture it.
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  Carboxytherapy: Beauty without the knife
Year after year, the beauty industry raises the bar in finding innovative cosmetic procedures to erase the years away. While Botox was an instant success it does have its pitfalls. Paving its way in is a non-surgical marvel that’s believed to wipe away stretch marks and wrinkles, diminish scars and reduce fat – in a nutshell, the new surgery free wonder can make you go from fat to fab in a jiffy. By Sherley
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  Goodbye to Bad Nail Days
There was a time when manicures were restricted to those who had the capacity to grow their nails long enough for them to be worked on. There is nothing more feminine than a perfectly filed set of nails bearing that smooth sheen of lacquer, but much to our dismay, not many of us have the tendency to grow our nails – thanks to the dreadful nail biting habit or even worse, brittle nail texture. To zero down the worry lines, Botox was invented. For a perfectly aquiline nose, rhinoplasty was invented.
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  Erasing the Lines
Being tan is never a problem for Indian skin. Where our foreign counterparts crave being golden skinned, we have been fortunate enough to be born that way. But there is such a thing as being too tan – here are some quick and easy ways to get rid of those unsightly tan lines
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  Love Me Do
Nothing like being covered in your own skin with a touch of that wicked charm and elusive persona at Valentine’s Day dates, sure! But getting dolled up for an evening’s out to look better for that someone special is a lot of fun too. Here are some spectacular beauty secrets to incorporate during this, heart-kindling, cheeks-blushing, scarlet of an evening. Who knows? You may not require cupid to use his powers after all.
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  Party Makeup
With the festive season in full swing, the wistful sighs among the party kittens are growing lengthier and louder. The challenge to look uniquely beautiful and different at every soiree is a daunting one. And the aspiration to achieve the elusive allure of cine stars makes the task virtually impossible. Add to this the woeful lack of time and you are faced with an uphill climb. The truth, however, is that the smallest of changes to your everyday maquillage is all you need to look and feel diva like at any do. Featuring the lead actors of your party beauty kit to impart just the right amount of drama to your look. By Priya Parashuram
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A treatment for the frugal oenophile but with a twist; adding a whole new dimension to wine consumption, vinotherapy is for the parts where your regular tipple just can’t reach. By Sherley

The rapidly fame gaining vinotherapy is also referred to as Oenotherapy, Veno-terapia and Venotherapy in different parts of the world. In India it’s simply known as “Wine Therapy”, a crème de la crème extravagance for those who want to pamper themselves.
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  Feel good this summer
Summer is here, bringing with it the impossible temperatures, dusty roads, pollution and of course, the intense sunshine. Despite these glitches, you can still make merry while the sun shines (a new twist to the old adage). Here’s how you can make the most of summer.
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  Everyday Detox
Your pharmacist may store the best energy supplements and skin care products in the market. But, just for a change (and a truly refreshing one at that) try going the natural route. Raid your kitchen and loot your fridge. There’s a wealth of health secrets hidden in those overstocked cabinets. And with a little know-how and imagination you can create excellent everyday detox drinks in your own home.
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  Beauty and the butt
This was one wedding where the bridesmaid nearly upstaged the bride. At the Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton’s place in the spotlight was almost stolen by little sister Pippa’s…hold your breath…shapely bottom. In fact, Twitter reportedly crashed under the deluge of comments on her sexy rear. Before you sigh in envy, here is the good news: with a little effort and dedication even you can achieve well-rounded bottoms a la celebrities.
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Awesome Ayurveda
The word “Ayurveda brings up many images to the mind – a fit, supple body; good posture; a clear mind; happy demeanour; and most of all – STRESS FREE!

Ayurvedic treatments are synonymous with change from within, a wholesome approach to healing the body, and gaining long term results. The word ‘ayurveda’ isn’t popular with the younger generation, but there are aspects of this age old medicine that can be adopted by anyone, anywhere, and of any age.
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  Summer care for your Hair
Sweaty tresses, oily scalps and an incessant war against the sun during long hours outdoors, sum up your struggle with the summer heat. However, there are ways to tackle the relentless sun for retain a glowing, healthy hair. By Janani Sampath

It is natural that you feel like heading to the salon and chopping off your long tresses, for you think it is easier to maintain short hair, when temperature soars. But, it is not all that impossible to have long hair and ensure it stays healthy this summer.
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Fruit Therapy
Does your skin feel like it has been under an iron box every single day? Constant exposure to the sun can leave your skin feeling dry and lifeless and worst of all burnt. Frolicking under the sun sure is fun! This month, we whip up some exciting fruit facials which can be easily prepared at home and guarantees fresh and glowing skin.
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Luscious locks
Stress, pollution and dirt affect your hair as much as your face. And while you spend hours behind face masks trying to regain the baby soft skin and complexion, it also helps to let your hair loose every now and then and enjoy a nice relaxing hair spa.
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Spa @ Shower
Stepping out in this intolerable heat could be a nightmare to even the most adventurous of souls. But then, you want to pamper yourself and do so right away? If the relentless sun is wrecking havoc on your skin and sense of well being, it’s time indulge yourself with some TLC, albeit in the comfort of your own sweet home. We show you how to transform your bathroom into a spa!
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Magic makeovers
A makeover is synonymous with change, renewal and starting afresh. It can be as small or as big as you’d like it to be. And the best part is that it can be for any reason. Feeling great about your promotion? Bored with your ancient wardrobe? Want to get in shape for your cousin’s wedding? Well, you know what; one’s as good a reason as the other. It can be to add a bit of spice to your life, to shake things up or maybe you’re ready for a master overhauling. So we’ve rounded up some of the basic aspects, when it comes to making changes.
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