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The word “Ayurveda brings up many images to the mind – a fit, supple body; good posture; a clear mind; happy demeanour; and most of all – STRESS FREE!

Ayurvedic treatments are synonymous with change from within, a wholesome approach to healing the body, and gaining long term results. The word ‘ayurveda’ isn’t popular with the younger generation, but there are aspects of this age old medicine that can be adopted by anyone, anywhere, and of any age.


Here are 10 easy ways to beat stress, the ayurvedic way.

1) Ashtanga Yoga If it’s cool enough for Madonna, it surely is worth a shot. Ashtanga or Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, is an ancient form of yoga, denoting the eight limbs in the body. This form of yoga is known to cure severe forms of backache and headaches. Practise of this form of yoga is a key ingredient in people that have lower stress levels. Enjoy this form of yoga for better sleep, energised days and a calmer perspective towards life, reducing stress at work, home and in family life.

2) Jasmine Cool, calming and aromatic. This flower has multi purpose properties. Inhaling jasmine flowers or placing some jasmine oil in your room can be a natural immune booster, mood enhancer and general feel good aroma to have at work, in the house, car and even in the workplace.

3) Sleep - The age old ayurvedic saying of ‘Going to bed at sunset, and rising at dawn’, can be a bit unattainable in our busy lives. However, trying to sleep early can be beneficial in keeping extra calories at bay, waking up refreshed, having more time in the day to concentrate, and better awareness, resulting in less stress.

4) Body constitution - According to Ayurveda, there are essentially 3 body types. Air, Water and Fire are the types of bodies. Eating according to your ayurvedic body type can be beneficial to ward off most symptoms of stress. The three constitutions namely Kapha, Pitta, and Vata are the three body types that signify water, air and fire. Those with a Pitta (fire) constitution, tend to have fiery appetities, fiery tempers and need to be cooled with cold climate, gentle working environments, swimming and yoga. Those with Kapha (water) constitutions need to balance their tendency to gain weight with light foods and constant physical activity. Vata (air) body types need heavier foods and should avoid staying awake late in the night. Eating according to one’s body type and physical surroundings will help keep tempers in check, being in tune with the body and reduce stress levels by and large.

5) Ayurvedic Massages Go to any spa, whether ancient or modern, and you will find the glamorized versions of ayurvedic treatments. Fear not, as any form of ayurvedic application on the body brings positive results. The traditional pizhichil, shirodhara and similar soothing treatments have been proven to reduce stress almost immediately upon completion. Try these out for a relaxed mind, rejuvenated body and a calmer you!

6) Tress care Want locks like Demi Moore? Oil your hair! Yes, this is one ayurvedic secret that anyone can do, anywhere, anytime! Hot oil application on the scalp has numerous benefits. Hair oils like coconut, amla, hibiscus and almond are great for hair care and scalp treatment, further making the head cool and mind calmer. Excessive heat on the scalp causes stress and inability to think calmly. Use these heated oil for weekly scalp massages to keep stress at bay.

7) You are what you eat This holds true for those with stress as well. What one puts into the body is what one will harvest on the outside. Those that smoke, drink alcohol and eat a heavy meat based diet, will have bodies that generate more unwanted heat, leading to inability to think and plan their days clearly. Stay off these substances for a greater clarity and less stress throughout the day.

8) Moderation & Meditation Eating and living in moderation will alleviate bodily discomforts, thereby reducing stress of the body. Meditating for a few minutes everyday, is enough to have calming effects on the chakras and on the mind. Practise these two everyday, consistently, for long lasting effects on stress reduction.

9) Tulsi - Found in abundance in India, tulsi has numerous benefits and uses. Steam inhalation with tulsi leaves keeps sinus problems away and keeps common cold and flu away. Drinking tulsi tea or eating a few tulsi leaves everyday helps keep stomach problems at bay, and has calming effects on the nerves. Do this for reduced stress on a daily basis.

10) Drink up Ayurvedic juice fasts aid in detoxification and a cleaner system. Drink a range of juices like carrot, beetroot, amla, mosambi, pineapple for removal of heavy metals and toxins from the body. Effects of stress and pollution cause several problems in the body, and juices help clear the system from within. Drink juices to help in maintaining body weight and consistently keep your body clean.

Researched with material given by ‘The Clinic’, Malakkara, Dr Manik Hiranandani.

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