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Stress, pollution and dirt affect your hair as much as your face. And while you spend hours behind face masks trying to regain the baby soft skin and complexion, it also helps to let your hair loose every now and then and enjoy a nice relaxing hair spa.

Spa Magic
Mention the word spa and you immediately conjure up images of luxurious retreats with breathtaking views, oriental massages, soothing baths and meditative practices. But you don’t always need the same old ambience to enjoy the soothing experience. Because complete body care is not just about the regular clean-ups, massages or manicures, but total care from root to tip. And a rejuvenating hair spa is the best way to begin.

Go from stressed tresses to healthy hair, in a just a few sittings. And notice a remarkable difference in split ends, scalp and more. When you feel the need to relax, simply walk in to the salon for a hair spa and you’re sure to feel a warm glow within.

A hair spa is a wonderful conditioning treatment for the scalp that addresses various hair-related problems such as dullness, dryness, itchiness, shine, and so on. It’s the perfect way to pamper your hair and there are several such services available today that take your hair from distressed to drop-dead gorgeous almost instantly.

“If you have any specific scalp or hair concern like frizzy hair, stressed scalp, chemically treated hair then you can surely go for a hair spa,” says Anandi at Oryza in Chennai, “Here the stylist first makes a diagnosis of your hair and scalp with a camera and then carries out the treatment according to your needs.”

A good hair spa conditions, smoothens and adds volume to your hair, like the Kerastase luxury hair care rituals. Walk in once in every fifteen days or as per the stylists’ schedule and watch your distressed tresses transform into the kind dreams are made of.

A Nourishing Ritual
A very basic hair spa follows a few simple rules and procedures. It begins with a nourishing oil massage for the scalp that lasts for a good few minutes after which, the hair is steamed to open up the pores of the scalp and facilitate the penetration of the oil to the roots.

Next, the hair is shampooed and this involves another massage that lasts about ten minutes. Thereafter a conditioning process begins with various hair masks or other individual salon treatments.

From dandruff specific treatments, to hair fall and strengthening treatments, a hair spa addresses various issues and usually has special ones for each kind of problem. “Depending on your scalp and hair needs, the right ritual is prescribed. And, after those rituals, home care products may also advised. So, no matter what the hair and scalp concern– dandruff, oily scalp or coloured hair that is getting dull, hair that is breaking, hair spa deals with it all,” says Smyra Bakshi, National Head for Kerastase, L’Oreal. It is a healthy, non-surgical, long lasting solution that gives instantaneous results.

Wholesome Benefits
“Hair spas are very important because pollution and water which touches the hair, tends to make the hair rough and hard. Hence, spas are really important to take care of the hair from within. It is a luxurious concept but extremely healthy for the hair,” say the experts at Studio Profile.

Regular hair spa helps strengthen the hair follicles for a stronger, more bouncy look. It helps to balance oil secretions, stimulates the circulation of blood and enhances metabolism of the cells. Not only does it clean the scalp but also acts as an effective, lasting repair for damaged hair.

Depending on the kind of treatment you opt for, a hair spa can last anywhere between half an hour to an hour and a half. And the expense too depends upon the kind of treatment to choose for yourself. On an average, it can cost anything between
Rs. 2500/- to Rs. 600/- so go all out and indulge.

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