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Sweaty tresses, oily scalps and an incessant war against the sun during long hours outdoors, sum up your struggle with the summer heat. However, there are ways to tackle the relentless sun for retain a glowing, healthy hair. By Janani Sampath

It is natural that you feel like heading to the salon and chopping off your long tresses, for you think it is easier to maintain short hair, when temperature soars. But, it is not all that impossible to have long hair and ensure it stays healthy this summer.


It is the most important step for a healthy hair, in all seasons. Wash your hair regularly, using a moisturizing shampoo. Do not shampoo your hair everyday because it dries up your hair and deprives it of natural moisture. However, wash it thrice a week to ensure that it is clean. Use an effective conditioner for your hair, after washing it. Conditioning plays a pivotal role for maintaining hair.


Avoid strong chemicals

Chemicals at any time of the year are harmful for the hair and more so during summer, considering that your hair is being exposed to UV rays. Avoid products containing strong levels of peroxide and do not use hair lighteners because they contain peroxide in considerable measure and could change the colour of your hair, too. =


Protective sunscreens
Much as you would like to stay indoors during summer to avoid hair damage, it is impossible to do that. Protective sunscreens for your hair do the trick for you. Apply an effective sunscreen on your scalp, before stepping out in the sun. It will help you avoid sunburn. Extensive exposure of the hair can burn hair cuticle or the outer layer of your hair. Constant exposure will make you hair brittle and dry.


Tips while swimming
Swimming pool water contains chlorine that damages your hair and makes it oily, lifeless, limp and sticky. Remember to wet your hair before entering the pool. Cover your hair with a tight swimming cap and make sure that your hair is packed into it, without leaving out a single strand. Wet hair does not take in too much chlorine and salt. Make sure that you wash your hair again after swimming.


Cover your hair
Any precaution is incomplete, if you don’t cover your hair when you venture out in the sun. Do not forget your scarves; they actually are very handy in combating the scorching heat, as regarding hair maintenance. Using hats makes covering your hair fashionable, too. However, use hats that allow air circulation.


Tie up your hair
It is easier to maintain hair when it is tied up. Tie it up in a bun or pony tail rather than leaving it loose. Your hair will not get frizzy when you tie it up. In humid conditions, loose hair will make your mane sweaty and difficult to manage, apart from leaving it lifeless.


Oil regularly

For a healthy hair, the ancient, tried and tested technique of regular oiling is always the best remedy. Make sure you oil your hair every week, without fail. Oiling nourishes your roots and scalp and fights dryness of the scalp. Coconut oil and olive oil offer excellent nourishing, and jojoba oil helps deal with frizzy hair.


No heated hair drying methods
Frequent use of hair dryers’ gives out hot air that can damage your hair. Avoid them to the maximum. But if you are still wary of getting rid of them, use a leave-in conditioner that helps protecting hair against damage by hair dryers.


Go natural
Be it hair oils, shampoos or conditioners, always go for the ones that have natural ingredients. There are several home remedies too for a healthy hair. But avoid hair products which contain alcohol; they affect the texture of your hair.


Adequate water intake is important for hair as it is for the body. Make sure that you drink plenty of water and fluids like juices and tender coconut water, especially during summer. Heat saps water content in the body due to sweating and high percentage of humidity. Some natural nourishing products are avocados mayonnaise, eggs, and milk.

However, ensure that you trim your hair regularly and eat a balanced diet because it is scientifically proven that vegetables contribute a lot for healthy hair. And, remember to get a hair trim to remove split ends regularly.

Following these tips could save time during other seasons since you don’t have to worry about repairing damaged hair.
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