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Being tan is never a problem for Indian skin. Where our foreign counterparts crave being golden skinned, we have been fortunate enough to be born that way. But there is such a thing as being too tan – here are some quick and easy ways to get rid of those unsightly tan lines

Basking in the sun is definitely one of the bonuses of summer. But sometimes, even when we lather ourselves with sunscreen lotion, we fall prey to the cons of summer – the ugly tan lines. Nothing ruins that lovely razor back sundress like a sleeve tan; or a socks tan to mar your beach bum chic look. Weddings and formal occasions are a nightmare when well meaning relatives give you side glances and comment on how ‘dark’ you are now. We have all been there and we know how annoying it is. So here are some convenient and do-it-yourself ways to banish that tan!

Juicy Details
Natural juices are a good way to exfoliate and remove tan lines. Juices like lime, aloe, tomato and cucumber are common home remedies for tan lines. Be sure to use freshly squeezed juices with no added preservatives. Lime and tomato in particular act as natural bleaching agents and are known for lightening the skin whereas aloe and cucumber are soothers and are good for skin that is slightly sunburnt. When applied, they soothe the irritated areas and allow the skin to naturally recuperate from the overexposure to the sun.

Dear Dairy
Dairy has its unique effect on the skin. Curd and raw milk are favourites in the beauty industry for their effect on the skin. Curd moisturizes the skin and acts as a lightener. It is a good idea to apply it to the skin just before a bath, allowing you to spread it thickly over your pores without worrying about the mess or the smell.

Similarly, raw milk has an impressive effect on tan lines. For optimal effect, you should combine it with lime juice. Together, they act as a natural bleaching agent. However, it is better for the skin than a more chemical potion as the raw milk helps moisturize the skin after the bleaching, preventing the dryness that is usually a symptom of bleaching.

Soda Pop
Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is one of the most versatile compounds known to man. Used in everything from mouthwash to cake mix, it is something that is found, in some capacity or the other, in every household. Here is a simple and quick way to bleach your skin using baking soda. Simply mix a single cup of baking soda with half a cup of water and then apply it on your damp skin. Scrub your tan lines with the mixture and it is guaranteed to bleach your skin a fairer shade. This is one of fastest and easiest way to get rid of your tan.

Garden Variety Remedies
P is for perfect and that is precisely what your skin will look like after using papayas and potatoes. Both can be found in the average vegetable drawer and are excellent for combating those pesky uneven skin tones. Potatoes make for great natural bleach and can be used to lighten the skin, simply through external application. Slice the potato up thinly and then place it on your face (or other tanned areas). Keep the slices on for about 20 minutes before removal. There will definitely be a marked difference in your skin tone. Papaya is another foodstuff that is excellent for the skin. A key ingredient in many face packs and de-tanning remedies, it can be applied in a simple enough fashion. Just slice up the fruit, blend the pieces and then apply the resulting paste on your tanned skin.

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