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Party Makeup Essentials

With the festive season in full swing, the wistful sighs among the party kittens are growing lengthier and louder. The challenge to look uniquely beautiful and different at every soiree is a daunting one. And the aspiration to achieve the elusive allure of cine stars makes the task virtually impossible. Add to this the woeful lack of time and you are faced with an uphill climb. The truth, however, is that the smallest of changes to your everyday maquillage is all you need to look and feel diva like at any do. Featuring the lead actors of your party beauty kit to impart just the right amount of drama to your look. By Priya Parashuram

The Green Effect
Swap your normal black liner for a dark green or even blue one. Shades of turquoise enhance the whites of the eyes. The change not only gives a sense of relief from the routine black but also takes a handful of years off your face.
Use Mac Eye Kohl in Indigo or Techna Kohl Jadeway (green).

Instant Afterglow
Dusting shimmer powder over your foundation is so passé. It just results in a cold, poker faced look which defies the idea of looking natural. Instead, use a shimmering cream on your cheeks under your blush.
Use Maybelline Dream Mousse Bronzer in Glistening Sun or Sun Glow.

Neutral Nails
Nude nails never go out of fashion. They are classy and they go with any outfit and you don’t have to remove them even if you’re wearing something in black or maroon. Add a hint of shimmer over your nude shade for the dressy effect. It is probably the best way to have done up nails without going over the top.
Use O.P.I Nail Lacquer and layer a coat of glittery polish over it.

Nude Up
It is a misconception that if it’s a party, shades of siren red or auburn for your lips are inevitable. Dark colours are not very easy to handle considering they need accurate application and many of us get extremely conscious when we put them on. A better yet glamorous alternative would be a high shine nude lip gloss a la Jennifer Lopez? A fairly neutral colour brings out your eyes better and makes your lips look wholesome.
Use Mac Lipglass Lychee or Crème Sheen Glass Natural Flare

Lustrous Lips
Ever wanted bee stung lips? Just brush a streak of translucent gloss in the middle to an already done up set of lips. Maybe it won’t be like Angelina’s, but you will still get a lovely pout. You can go all out and coat the entire lip to create an illusion of fullness.
Use Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss Shine City or Bella Pierre Clear Lip Gloss

Lush Lash
Not all of us our born with thick, copious eye lashes; which is why every woman needs a mascara in her makeup kit. However, don’t go overboard by going heavy on the eyes and finishing it off with mascara, we don’t want to look theatrical unless it is a costume party!
Use Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

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