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With a stress filled lifestyle that barely allows you to get your dose of beauty sleep and sky rocketing prices of salon services that burn a hole in your pocket, instant face pack recipes are just what you need to get gorgeous skin. By Anitha Ramachandran

They say a good face is like a letter of recommendation and keeping it blemish free and exuberant is paramount. Apart from the cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine that you follow every day, face packs are a perfect way to enhance your skin and give it that exhilarating summer glow. Whisking a face pack at home with ingredients from your kitchen is definitely not rocket science.

Consider yourself lucky if you have normal or combination skin as your skin gets neither too oily during summers nor dry during winters. Considered to be the most balanced type of skin, preparing a face pack for individuals with normal skin is simple. Although most fruits work well for normal skin, it is always better to test if you fall under the normal to dry or normal to oily category. Mashed fruits with honey or milk are apt for normal to dry skin, while rose water or lime juice is preferred for normal to oily skin types.

Fruit honey pack


4 tsp fuller’s earth or multani mitti

1 tsp mashed carrots

1 tsp freshly prepared grapes juice

1 tsp honey

2 drops of wheat germ oil

Mix all the ingredients well and make it into a paste. Refrigerate the paste overnight. Apply the paste on your face and neck with upward strokes and leave the pack on your face for about 25 minutes. Place two cotton balls soaked in rose water above your eyes and relax. After 25 minutes wash your face with lukewarm water and pat dry.

Chickpea and Papaya pack


4½ cup powdered chickpeas

3 tsp fresh curd

2 tsp lemon

½ cup papaya pulp

Blend the powdered peas with curd and papaya pulp. Slowly add lemon juice to the mixture while stirring it continuously. The consistency will have to be neither drooping nor thick. Apply the pack on your skin and keep it until it dries completely, about 20 minutes. Remove by washing away with lukewarm water.
Oily skin needs extra care as it can easily accumulate dirt which can lead to blemishes. The challenge here is to not leave the skin dry and flaky. Since oil secretion is more during summers, you need to prep your skin accordingly. Coupled with sweat and dirt, it is a sure shot invitation for breakouts and other skin problems.
Banana Mask


1 ripe banana

2 tbsp rose water

1 ripe orange

Mash the banana and add rose water into the mixture. Blend it well in a mixer. Squeeze drops from a ripe orange and apply on your face. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash away with lukewarm water for smooth skin. Follow this up with your regular moisturizer.
Neem Mask


1 tbsp neem powder

1 tbsp yoghurt

Few drops of rose water

Add the neem powder to the yoghurt. Blend the two and then add a few drops of rose water. Apply the paste to your face and keep it until it dries completely, about 20 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water and pat dry.
Moisturising a dry skin could be a challenge in any season. Dry skin is prone to flaking, fine wrinkles, red patches and scale-like skin. Face masks apt for dry skin types are loaded with exfoliating and moisturizing agents that are necessary to soothe dry and chapped skin.
Avocado Mask


½ very ripe, soft and organic avocado

½ cup honey

Cut, mash and blend the avocado until it is relatively smooth, add the honey into the mix. Stir until the paste is thicker. Once the paste has been mixed, apply on the face and leave it on for 10 minutes. To remove, avoid using soap. Wash using lukewarm water. Apply a moisturiser to leave your skin supple and baby soft.
Chocolate Mask


1 bar of dark chocolate

3 tbsp of salt

1 cup of milk

Add three tablespoons of salt into a small cup of milk and mix until the salt dissolves. Set aside. Break dark chocolate bar into pieces and melt them using a double boiler (or tempering). Once the chocolate is melted, whisk it into an even mixture. Allow the chocolate to cool until room temperature. Now, add the mix and salt mixture to it and whisk it well. Ensure that the paste is smooth before applying on the face. Leave it on 15-20 minutes and then remove for smooth skin.
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