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Foreplay fantasies
Just not in the mood for it tonight? Worried at using the headache excuse for the third time this week? Or just plain bored at having to go through the same routine (well, at least sex wise)? Here are a few ways in which you can set the temperature soaring in the bedroom. From casual flirting to downright dirty business, it’s all here. Try them tonight and thank us in the morning.
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Alter route
What started off as a casual fling has now turned into a serious relationship! And, before you know it, he’s an integral part of your life. You are aware of not just his daily agenda but also his dreams and aspirations down to the latest tiff with the boss. He’s sensitive, caring and you think the World of him.

And then, the question of will he, or won’t he pops into your mind.
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Tantric sex
Orgasm is overrated! Sex, for most people, has always been about reaching the earth shattering pinnacles of pleasure called orgasm. And in this quest, many a tender moment which sparks off a profusion of ecstasy has been ignored.

Tantric sex is all about going back to the basics where making love was all about enjoying each ripple of ethereal pleasure and an act where white hot passion finds eloquent expression in gentler rhythm.
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What women think
One of those awkward moments in life is where he’s at his amorous best while all you want to do is just curl up and catch up on your beauty snooze. And, if the only way out is to give in, then it’s all about getting it over with! We asked women what they think when their mind is far, far away from the act and when mushy hearts and naughty nothings take a total hike into oblivion. And, right from playing footsie with George Clooney to mentally ticking off the grocery list, we’ve discovered a few surprising things which women think of while having sex.
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Guys we’d love to date
Stephanie Mayer’s 109-year old Twilight ‘teen’ icon, who leads a double life as a vampire, was born onscreen as super stud Robert Pattinson a.k.a Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie series. Inhumanly beautiful to look at, we totally understand his reel (and real)-life romance Bella’s obsession with him. After all who wouldn’t want to date someone who looks like that, we wonder. But, once you get past the obvious good looks, superhuman strength, immortality and his mind reading abilities, you’d probably realize that he’s in fact a vampire at heart.
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