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Sex and the Psyche
- 9 things women think while having sex

One of those awkward moments in life is where he’s at his amorous best while all you want to do is just curl up and catch up on your beauty snooze. And, if the only way out is to give in, then it’s all about getting it over with! We asked women what they think when their mind is far, far away from the act and when mushy hearts and naughty nothings take a total hike into oblivion. And, right from playing footsie with George Clooney to mentally ticking off the grocery list, we’ve discovered a few surprising things which women think of while having sex.

1: This is impossible with my dog watching it.
Like the ordeal wasn’t enough but the addition of a mute spectator to the scene just about kills even the tiniest spark in you. We totally understand that sex is just not so cool with Bruno watching with his doggy eyes wide open!

2: I should not have had so much to drink!
While the world around you swims in a hazy mist, the last thing you’d want to do is make love. And, while your partner is having a great time, you have trouble focusing on the task at hand. And yes, you can’t wait for him to get done so that you can doze off into la-la land.

3: Do I look cute from this position?
It’s a proven fact! Women are self obsessed creatures. We love the way we are, the way we look and everything about us! Little wonder, that you think about it even in the midst of intense (and not-so-intense) action.

4: Doing the horizontal tango with George Clooney would be so amazing! If only he’d been with me at this time!
Who wouldn’t fantasize about someone as drool-worthy as Clooney? And, what we wouldn’t give to have Mr. Clooney next to us! When sex isn’t all that sizzling, you can’t help thinking about the gorgeous Clooney or the cocksure Robert Downey Jr or extremely hot Antonio Banderas or the simply stylish Pierce Brosnan or the quirky Brendon Fraser or the oh-so-cute Colin Firth or the ultimate Johnny Depp – this could go on for hours! See, how well it works!

5: I wonder if this makes me his girlfriend
Let’s face it! A stable relationship does come with its perks. And, if you’re still not in one, then it’s a perfectly valid thought to flit across your mind while you’re going through the motion! More so, if you’d rather be doing something else, apart from sex, that is.

6: Wonder who is on the daily show tonight or what’s happening in the soap opera?
Oh, the agony! It’s so annoying when your curiosity is put to test in such a cruel manner! When it’s about the breakup of Jane and Sam in your daily dose of soap(y) opera is just about to materialize or the finals of your favourite reality show are due in the next 30 minutes – we understand your chagrin at being tied up (literally!) rather than cozying at the couch with your cherished TV shows.

7: I spend around 90$ at Victoria’s Secret and it’s in a pile on the floor in less than 60 seconds.
So, you just bought that teeniest of tantalizing lingerie and blew up a fortune while doing so? And, when it’s unceremoniously dumped on the floor in less than 2 nano-seconds, it’s infuriating! There’s nothing like the anticlimax after that blistering foreplay. We wouldn’t blame you for chaffing over the atrocities on your lacy lingerie!

8: I seem to be fit for the circus trapeze act!
Wow! Add this to the already exhaustive benefits of sex! While you’re a mass of hands and feet, you can’t help but wonder if you can get a part time gig at the local circus. Superwomen still have it easy, you think!

9: I have to wash the laundry… And, pick up the groceries…
Talk about multitasking and this one simply takes the cake. Creating a mental to-do list is a tried and tested formula to keep the boredom at bay. And when the going is not all that great, you know that you haven’t wasted time, at least!


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