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7 Onscreen Guys You’d Love to
Date in Real Life

Stephanie Mayer’s 109-year old Twilight ‘teen’ icon, who leads a double life as a vampire, was born onscreen as super stud Robert Pattinson a.k.a Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie series. Inhumanly beautiful to look at, we totally understand his reel (and real)-life romance Bella’s obsession with him. After all who wouldn’t want to date someone who looks like that, we wonder. But, once you get past the obvious good looks, superhuman strength, immortality and his mind reading abilities, you’d probably realize that he’s in fact a vampire at heart. And though Bella would be willing to die for him, would you be ready to make that kind of sacrifice? Living on the edge is great, but isn’t this stretching it a bit too far?

Jerry Maguire essayed brilliantly by Tom Cruise, the oh-so-handsome sports agent is not just perfect eye candy, but a genuine nice guy. Although he might come across as someone who is too full of himself; Jerry definitely is a charmer all the way, and that’s not just because of the profession he is in, mind you! His lengthy romantic monologue at the end of the movie had not just Renee Zelwegger, but millions of women sighing collectively in content. You’d want to date him because he is definitely someone who has had it all, lost it and then rediscovered himself. For those of you who don’t have the patience to change a commitment phobic man, then you’d want to stay away from Mr. Maguire. But for the rest of us, he certainly had us at “Hello”.

It is only when James Bond says, “The name is Bond, James Bond”; does that line ever actually work. Everything he touches can turn into excitement and we are not just talking about thrilling murder mysteries here. Although the face of James Bond has changed over the years, he has managed to come back looking better every single time! Fast albeit sexy cars, voluptuous women and a love for Vodka Martini’s is what this man is all about. Beware of this man though, because in all sense of the world, he has the ‘License to kill’. If you can handle the numerous women that he ends up spending the night with, then this 007 is definitely for the keeps.

Don’t we just love the dark, brooding men, who lead secret double lives? Bruce Wayne who leads a clandestine life as Batman certainly does have it all – millions of dollars, a business that does more than well and to top it all off, there’s the bat-mobile! What more could we ask for? A dash of mystery certainly does make any guy delicious and Batman is no less (especially since he is clad in spandex). On the flip side there are the endless disappearances he could make in the middle of the night since his primary duty lies with the citizens of Gotham. If you are ready to deal with that and the rest of the women population of the world swooning over him, then you go, girl!

If you are out in the sea, in the middle of nowhere, then you’d definitely want to be rescued by Captain Jack Sparrow/Johnny Depp (we aren’t complaining either way).A pirate who is way ahead of his times and an epitome of free spirit, there are layers to Jack Sparrow just waiting to be discovered. The pirate with a heart of gold, one reason why you’d want to hang on to him is not all those free trips to absolutely everywhere aboard his Black Pearl. Aside that, Sparrow could keep you constantly entertained with his wisecracks. However run miles away from him if you have an obsessive compulsive disorder for being freakishly clean all the time for hygiene and pirates definitely don’t go hand in hand (the Black Pearl is no Titanic mind you). He may be crazy and may get overbaked in the sun, but he is still smart enough to survive in a tough world without resorting to force to get what he wants. What else can we say but, Aye Aye Captain!

With his gruff demeanor and his no-nonsense attitude, Wolverine has been one of Marvel’s most popular characters for over 30 years now. The perfect Wolverine, Hugh Jackman just took H.O.T to an all new level when the character debuted on screen. When it comes to protecting his woman, he’s definitely the man! Plus, when someone can look like that, who cares if he has a murky past? His inane personality, sarcastically funny one liners and an attitude to match only make him perfect date material! Hey, he’s a mutant but we sure aren’t complaining about his powers to heal or his titanium claws. We wonder if those claws do indeed cut through everything!

When we are talking of onscreen guys, can our Bollywood super stars be far behind? When it comes to Bollywood, the bad boys somehow seem to be more alluring than the good ones. They say if you wanna be a good girl; get yourself a bad boy and we suggest you do the same. A lavish lifestyle, replete with unlimited liquor, parties and a good stash of black money are what you can look forward to when you date the Don. Added advantages include flying on private jets and travelling in only the most expensive of cars. When your Don looks like Amitabh Bachchan or even Shah Rukh Khan, you certainly have it all on your plate! It might be not just difficult but (close to) impossible to catch the Don, but hey, you can’t give up before you try, can you?

Ah! Ever imagined that someone, somewhere out there is waiting for you? Do you believe that some love stories live forever? If you are in fact, a firm believer in fairy tale romances, then Raj Malhotra/Rahul Khanna/Shah Rukh Khan is your man! The proverbial romantic softie at heart who fights off bad guys who taunt his “Simran”; he would go any lengths to be with the love of his life. What makes him irresistible is that he would not only sing and dance to your every whim and fancy, he would be the one who doesn’t hesitate to cry at the thought of losing you or even take up a karwa-chauth vrath for you. Now before you write him off as being too sissy for your taste, you’d want to take a look at his designer suits, branded clothes and pathani kurtas. We guarantee you’d not be able to tear your eyes away!


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