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13 signs that he’s serious about you

What started off as a casual fling has now turned into a serious relationship! And, before you know it, he’s an integral part of your life. You are aware of not just his daily agenda but also his dreams and aspirations down to the latest tiff with the boss. He’s sensitive, caring and you think the World of him.

And then, the question of will he, or won’t he pops into your mind. If you are stuck in this situation, fret not! Here are 9 signs which would mean that your relationship is heading towards the altar.

1: You’ve met his family… And, they love you!
If he’s introduced you to his family, then its half the battle won. A guy would only introduce you to his family when he wants you to know that you have his approval. And, if THE family happens to share his view about you, brownie points for this one!

2: All his friends know you
What’s a guy without his gang? And, if yours has considered you important enough to be included in this auspicious circle, then welcome to the family. And, if his beer guzzling, sports crazy mates have given you the seal of their approval, it only means that you are sure to be an important part of his life, now and in the future too.

3: Your dreams are equally important to him
When he doesn’t laugh or ridicule about your dreams and, he encourages you to pursue your passion – it’s a sign that he is interested in what makes you happy. And, is quite serious about making you feel special by believing in your dreams and aspirations.

4: He’s chivalrous around you
In a world where chivalry is on its last legs, if your guy still believes in holding the restaurant door open for you or insists on picking up the tab, it means that he’s considered you vital enough to treat you like a lady.

5: He thinks you look good even on days when you’re not
Let’s face it –there are days when you’re not exactly dressed to kill. Far from it, you feel that you’d kill the next person who crosses your path. In those gloomy, gray days, if your man thinks that you look good and says so (at an enormous risk too), it only shows that his love goes beyond the skin deep beauty right into the person who you are.

6: He loves to pamper you
We only indulge those who we consider really close to our heart. And, if your guy takes you to your all time favourite restaurant or signs up for salsa classes which you’ve always wanted to give a shot at – he’s brave enough not just to make an ass of himself in public (in case of the latter) but also drop the obvious clue that he loves you enough to go out of his way to make you smile.

7: He cooks for you
Ask any woman and she’d tell you that a man who can cook is irresistibly hot. But, if your guy takes the trouble to whip up a meal (yes, maggi noodles included), it’s an incredibly sweet gesture, we think. And, if he’s passionate about cooking and believes in dishing out delicacies from cheesecake to tiramisu, then you’re one lucky woman on the planet! If cooking is not his cup of tea, well, he’s sure to bedazzle you by spending time and energy making something super special for you (awww… Now, that’s cute)!

8: He’s met your girl gang and well, he gets along with them (or pretends to, at least)
Well, every girl has her own clique of female friends (yes, chick flicks never lie, you see) who are a pillar of strength. You can’t imagine life with your girls pals – no girly gossip, drooling over hot men or just giggling over things which wouldn’t make sense to the sane, manly mind. But, if your man takes the effort to get along with your girls, then he’s quite serious about having you in his life.

9: He doesn’t wince when you say ‘shopping’!
We all know how men shiver at the very thought of going out shopping with their girls. If your guy seems to take it with a pinch of nonchalance, then, he’s a mighty brave soul. And, it’s not just about taking out time but walking around endless stores, watching her try out a million clothes (which either make her look too fat or just aren’t good enough) and lug the shopping bags around. See what we mean? But that apart, he feels that going through the acid test, shopping (in this case) would make him a hero in your eyes, and he’s right too.

10: After a fight, he calls you, first!
Men are egoistic creatures by nature. And if a man calls back first after a nasty tiff, he considers you important enough to swallow his pride and try to put things right. And, if he knows he’s screwed up, he’s sure to make amends. And, while arguments are a part and parcel of life, we think that the kiss-and-make-up part which follows is oh-so-cute!

11: And, he’s patient when you’re in the worst mood ever!
Some days are good while some are bad. And, there are a few days where the World is a nasty place and your mood is at its worst. At a catastrophic moment like this, if your man puts up with the nastiness spewing out from you with a surprising patience, it shows that he really cares.

12: He’s interested in the clothes you wear
Men are colour blind and the last thing they’d notice are your brand new purple pumps. But, if your man does notice the new tunic or the extremely cool clutch, it means that he has not just been noticing what your wear but is pretty interested in it too. And, if he follows this observation up with a genuine compliment, it’s more than just a casual affair.

13: He’s intimate around you, in public!
No, we aren’t talking about public display of affection. Now, that’s gross! If your man doesn’t mind eating food off your plate while waiting for his order to arrive or isn’t ashamed to fall asleep on your shoulder at the movies or reaches out for your hand while crossing the road, it’s obvious that he’s protective about you. And, he is not afraid to show it out to the wide world. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that he’s comfortable around you to be himself. And that is a sign that he’s marked you to be his partner, through the rough roads of life.


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