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Power presentations
Vedika was full of excitement. She had been chosen to make a business presentation to an important MNC client. Having recently changed jobs and with little experience in making presentations, she was also very nervous. Presentations, which have become an important part of everyday work life, help in structuring your message and communicating them effectively. With the right body language and content, your presentation can become your tool to success. Well drafted presentations help you attain your objective and effectively communicate, influence or motivate the audience.
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Effective emails
Workplace communication has evolved from a basic business need to an excellent personal marketing tool. Business communication i.e., conversation over phone, emails, conference/ video calls/web chats, has become a critical benchmark to determine professional etiquette. Organizations have become cognizant of the direct impact of external/internal communication on its brand image. The way you communicate with colleagues, teams, clients and vendors subtly helps build your own brand equity!
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People Management
Managing people cohesively is paramount to achieve professional and organization goals. However, difficult people can become impediments to success. In the first part of this two-part series, we recognized that difficult people at work are a reality. We also identified different kinds of trouble-creators and their traits. The concluding part attempts to find ways to deal with such people effectively.

In dealing with such people, always introspect before taking action.
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Crack that interview
Remember Vedika, my neigbour’s daughter? She was ecstatic that her newly-made, crisp CV had done its job! A leading MNC had short-listed her CV for the position of PR manager. Having waited long for the right interview call, she was nervous. It was a make or break situation for her. Well, it has been for many of us, hasn’t it?
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