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Chirpy and petite, this young lady has the World at her dainty feet. Armed with a pretty smile and a radiant persona, actress Tamannaah has taken the industry by storm. After striking gold at the box office, she followed it up with a steady string of successful films. Surprisingly, for an actress who has worked with some of the most reputed names in tinsel town, she has her feet firmly grounded on terra firma. In a vivacious conversation with Tuba Raqshan, Tamannaah reveals the myriad streaks of her personality, reminiscing about her foray into filmdom and relishing the journey so far.

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The metaphors of life A child artiste transformed into a successful actress, Shalini has created an indelible mark in the golden pages of cinematic history.
The stunning song It is not easy being who she is- parents who are formidably talented and then of course all that glare of publicity ...
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