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Betting on the Bullion
The glitter is always beckoning and never ceases to amaze the lovers of sparkling gold. While the use of gold is essentially enshrined in the history and culture of India, it is also a metal that is considered to be an effective and lucrative investment portal. Skyrocketing prices and changes in lifestyles have impacted standards of living. However, the importance of gold as an essential investment portfolio and as a trendy fashion statement is still much agreed upon. Anusha Surendran attempts to unravel the reason behind gold providing the quintessential investment opportunity and on how the yellow metal is still a popular long-term investing option
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Penny Pinchers
With an entire array of incidental and educational expenses, college can be an expensive proposition where you have to watch every rupee you spend. Here are 8 ways to enjoy college life without burning a hole in your pocket. By Anusha Surendran
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  Education loans
Education doesn’t come cheap. But don’t allow the high fee structure to keep you away from that coveted B-School degree. Opt for the right loan and chase your dreams.
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Money Matters
While security of funds is important, term deposits don’t really help tap the full potential of your savings. Instead, a few calculated risks can help you double your wealth.
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Tax planning, simplified
It’s that time of the year again where we head towards the end of the financial year. It is a perfect instance to review whether we have smartly utilized all avenues of tax savings.

Most of us think of investment only after being nudged by our employers to submit proof of how we intend to reduce the tax burden. It is quite common to find people rushing to invest in tax saving instruments in the last few months of the financial year and thus end up buying products that are not right for them.
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Opportunities in ULIPs
As SEBI Vs IRDA war continues, many investors are in a dilemma on whether to withdraw from ULIP and invest in other safe investment instruments.

When it comes to investments, there are some decisions which are prudent from an individual standpoint of view, but it may damage at the macro level. Insurance companies may suffer if investors stop buying unit-linked insurance plans (ULIPs).
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