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In these hectic times, stress is an unavoidable part and parcel of our lives. However, stress can be handled…

We’re all wannabes...we wanna be a super-mom, super-boss and a super everything! And what do we finally end up as? Stressed out, cranky and half mad people! We not only spoil our health, when we are stressed, but also stress others out. We woman today are a battered lot and who does it to us? Ourselves!
Childhood Obesity Obesity is catching em’ young these days! Even ten years ago, there was no major concern about overweight children.
Slumber Sleep is a natural, periodic state of rest for the body and mind.There are many things that dominate our day of twenty-four hours ...
Benefits of Tea Refreshing, low calorie, and rich with anti-oxidants, tea is favourite beverage all over the world.
Just for Women is a magazine for the contemporary women of today. In this modern era, women delicately balance profession, family and passions, living life on their own terms. They have shed stereotypes and are veering towards adventurous trails. Just for Women is for today's progressive women who dare to tread on the road less travelled, setting new pinnacles to strive for and leaving behind a rich legacy. read more