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Just for Women is a magazine for the contemporary women of today. In this modern era, women delicately balance profession, family and passions, living life on their own terms. They have shed stereotypes and are veering towards adventurous trails. Just for Women is for today’s progressive women who dare to tread on the road less travelled, setting new pinnacles to strive for and leaving behind a rich legacy.

Get up close to your favorite celebrities as they reveal lesser known facts about their life or whip up delicious recipes from our master chefs! Discover budget-friendly options to add an elegant touch to your home or read about the latest tidbits doing the rounds in the cinema circuit. Manage your finances and get a hold on your investments as our experts decode complex fiscal jargon to help you understand the nitty-gritty of economics with ease. Our power packed issues cover lifestyle, cinema, people, relationships, food, interiors, reviews and lots more!.