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4 Course Flamboyance
Let’s admit it! Four course meals are an ultimate expression of culinary extravagance. Chef Patel from Hotel Raintree gives us four scrumptious recipes to dish out a majestic spread and break the gastronomic monotony.
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Sultry afternoons, rainy evenings or the usual lazy Sundays, spice up your gastronomic repertoire with a barbeque binge (by the pool is optional, though).
Chef Jacob, who holds the Guinness World Record for the longest barbeque in history, shares some signature recipes which are sure to add a touch of exotica to those dreary days.
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Timeless Continental
If you are in a mood to experiment, then it’s got to be continental cuisine! From healthy vegetable salad to yummy grilled fish, continental food is easy to make yet extremely delicious.

Chef Anand from Cornucopia, the specialty continental restaurant, shares 4 lip smacking recipes to add variety to your usual menu.
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