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Parlez-vous francais?
In a scenario where people are increasingly realizing how interconnected they are as global citizens, a foreign language can indeed be a valuable asset and a lucrative career option. By Krupa Shah

In today’s world, no distance is too long to travel and no information too difficult to find. This contraction of space has exposed us to a rich potpourri of cultures, languages and ideas. Learning a foreign language is not just a leisure activity any more, it can help you earn big bucks.
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  Passion to Profession! Explore 4 Happening Career Avenues!
Tried and tested career options are passé. Today’s business environment offers limitless possibilities to make a successful career out of your hobby. It is time to shed your inhibitions and try something new!

Today, professional success is all about the forgotten word - passion. Venturing into un-chartered territories and pursuing your passion is the modern day mantra for being happy and successful. Here are four options to explore and make your own!
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  Creative business
Advertising is all about a mélange of talents with an onus on creative unpredictability. If you have a streak of wild imagination and don’t mind putting in the crazy hours at work, consider advertising as a career.
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Alternative careers
As women become more independent by the day, at home and at work, they are busting stereotypes and looking at better and more lucrative career options. Here’s a sneak peek into livelier and interesting careers that women are considering today.
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