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Do you absorb all you ingest?
All of digestion is geared up through absorption. No absorption means no access to any nutrients we ingest. “You are what you absorb,”

Understanding nutrients
Nutrient is a component of food that provides nourishment for the maintenance and growth of a living organism. Each nutrient is not ingested in its pure form, but rather in a whole food matrix. And most foods contain one or more nutrients. For example, nuts are mostly understood as fats, but they are also a very good source of protein.
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Eating the Ayurvedic Way
You have known of Ayurveda as a holistic school of medicine, one that offers relief and cure through myriad herbs and brews. However, another vital aspect, albeit a little lesser known one perhaps, is that food plays a significant role in the Ayurvedic practice. The right kind in the right amount is the key to leading a well-balanced life, writes Oishee Mukhopadhyay Talwar
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  Diet & Nutrition
Stage by Stage
Our nutritional needs change at different stages of life. To be fit and healthy, it is important to take into account the extra demands and changes in your body throughout the evolutionary process from infancy to the geriatric phase. By Vaishnavi Narayanan
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  A well oiled machine
‘Cholesterol’ and ‘obesity’ are household terms now. People have new worries these days – am I eating the right food? Is it healthy enough? It is a new era where the health conscious dominate and anything with a hint of oil in it is considered taboo. Mumbai based dietician and nutritionist Preethi Rahul tells us how to stay in the running without having to sacrifice some of your essentials!
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  Summer Quenchers
With the thermostat climbing, we are all well aware that summer has arrived. So if you are sweaty, tired and in desperate need of something to quench your thirst, look no further! Here are some easy to make summer drink suggestions
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  Rainbow of Health
What is a Food Guide Pyramid?
Food guide pyramid is a tool that helps a person understand what types of food and the amount of food one should eat in order to maintain a healthy quality of life.
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  Mood Food for Happy Hormones!
The glow on your cheeks after a night of heady lovemaking, the runner’s high you experience after a rigorous workout and even the euphoric rush you feel after devouring a spicy dish is all due to the release of the happy chemicals, endorphins. Produced in the brain as neurotransmitters, endorphins are known to reduce pain or stress and help you have that elated feeling. There are several gastronomic indulgences available in nature's club that can help you savour this rhapsody. Talk about food for thought! By Sherley
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  Viva Vegan
Talk show queen Oprah Winfrey tried it for 3 weeks and became a fan. When are you planning to go the vegan way, asks Laju Nanwani For those who think vegans and vegetarians are identical here is the point of separation- vegans do not consume milk, milk products not even honey. It is a way of life that avoids use of any kind of animal products and services that are based on the exploitation of animals.
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  Food myths
Food myths can be confusing, here’s some clarity on what and what NOT to eat for a healthy body.
Confused with all the information in the media, newspapers and magazines? Unsure of what you really need to do to get that fabulous figure? Here are 4 foods myths debunked.
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The 4 bodyguards
Our body requires a certain amount of nutrients on a daily basis. Sure we learnt about them in our science classes. But in the process of growing up and forging ahead we left the learning from those basic lessons back in our classrooms. How many of us are truly aware of our body requirements?
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It is the most versatile berry around; the tiny and sour gooseberry holds the secret for a healthy life
Containing 80 percent water, it is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, Vitamin C, fibre and minerals. Gooseberries are an excellent source of antioxidants, too, that help in building a strong and sound immune system. Many health problems are caused by oxidative damage (when body cells use oxygen they produce by-products that can cause harm). Antioxidant agents prevent and repair such impairments.
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Sin is in! Who can resist a luscious slab of rich, creamy and dreamy chocolate? Meant to be savoured slowly like a loving embrace, the ubiquitous chocolate is the food of romance, and the ultimate feel-good food. But, overindulgence can add to weight gain. The sugar and calories in chocolate are a good reason for people with diabetes to avoid it. But, recent research findings are just too good to be true. This all time favourite sinful sweet is now officially cleared to provide many health benefits. Chocolate is definitely worth indulging in if you can moderate your cravings.
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Extotic Food
While the local spices and home-grown delicacies will always be a perennial favourite, it’s the exotic which is the flavour of the season. Fine dining is a way of life and the trend is here to stay! No, we’re not talking about caviar or pate de foie gras but, if it’s authentic Italian cuisine or a genuine Thai spread – now it’s all there in your proverbial backyard! We spoke to international specialty chefs, who delve into the intricacies of pampering the Indian palate, experimenting with flavours and their quest for originality.
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Spice Route
While a lot is usually said about the fat-filled content of our cuisine, there is ample evidence that supports the health benefits of traditional Indian spices. Meticulously measured to the teaspoon (much like a doctor’s prescription), spices not only add an extra punch to the taste buds but, heal and cure several bodily discomforts and diseases. Here’s a quick glance at a few everyday condiments that find space on your kitchen shelf.
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Wonder Melon
Yummy pink watermelons are a deliciously soothing way to face the summer heat. Once, watermelons were seasonal, but we can now enjoy fresh, ripe watermelons not just in summer, but at most times of the year. Heavenly in slushes, milk shakes and fruit salads, watermelons are just as fun to eat in big chunks cut straight out of the fruit. The divine taste of Watermelons is simply half the story. Luscious, thirst quenching watermelons also pack a punch in health benefits. Watermelon is high in the richness of nutrients, and lower in calories than most other fruits.
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