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Health > 10 Minute Workout
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No time for a workout? That excuse is obsolete, thanks to a new study which reports that 10 minute workouts are equally effective. You don’t even need to hit the gym to exercise. Here are a repertoire of 10 minute workouts which can be done anytime, anywhere (yes, even in your office cubicle).

Fitness doesn’t require an expensive gym membership or hours of workout sessions. For the corporate citizens hard pressed for time, 10 minute workouts are a perfect way to stay fit. High on intensity, these workouts have maximum benefits in a jiffy. Cardio exercises like jogging can be done anywhere and anytime. Lack of time is no longer an excuse to not exercise. Even at home, you can do everything from weights to stretches.

Weights and water bottles
Whoever said that you need expensive equipment for weight training? A large Bisleri water bottle filled with water can be used for strength training at home. The water bottle weighs approximately 1.2kgs and the core muscles, like biceps and triceps can be worked out effectively with it.

Stairs and simplicity
The easiest route to an impromptu workout is by climbing up the stairs instead of the elevators. You can walk up and down the stairs for a few times every two hours. Moreover, doing this type of workout doesn’t just tone your lower body but it elevates your breathing and helps with the overall weight loss.

Stretch your body
Stretches can be done anywhere. When you are at your desk, working over the computer, you need to push your chair back and flex your knees in and out. Then, you can do the same with the ankle following up with clockwise and anticlockwise rotations with each ankle. Slouching over the computer destroys your posture and strains your neck. Doing simple stretches for the neck and shoulders frequently can help immensely. Moreover, a full body stretch can be done every hour as it rejuvenates your muscles.

Take a walk
Have a 10 minute break? Coffee is refreshing but taking a stroll around the neighbourhood can be invigorating. Walking briskly helps you breathe better and is a workout for your entire body. And, you can walk short distance, for instance, to the grocery store instead of taking your vehicle. Simple yet very, very effective.

Run for your life
Jogging or running can add a tinge of freshness to your life. Jogging and running can be done even while you are at a vacation. You don’t require any equipment and it is a very effective form of cardio workout. On-the-spot jogging can be an effective alternative on those days when the weather doesn’t permit you to run outdoors.

Use your body
The absence of equipments can be combated by using your body as a support. Squats and lunges can be done at home along with basic abdominal exercises like crunches. In fact, crunches are very ideal to work the core muscles. You can use your body as support while you do pushups. Like, for instance, you can use your palms as support while you push your body up. Simple exercises like these mean that you can work out even at home and maintain your fitness levels.

Cardio facts
Cardio rejuvenates not just your body but also your mind. When you run or jog or do any other form of cardio exercise, there is a rush of blood to your brains. This means that you don’t just burn calories and lose fat but also breathe better. Cardio shakes up your system. The more breathless you get the more oxygen you take and this in turn, makes your brain sharper. A short 10-minute, cardio workout in your break can help you perform better at work.

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