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Workstation Dynamics
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Waiting for that pending pay rise? Clean workstations can sure-fire help you win it! For all you know, your boss might be evaluating you based on the cleanliness you project at work. So, what does your workstation say about you? Anitha Ramachandran finds out

They say what’s going on the inside gets reflected on the outside. What do you see on your desk: a chipped and stained coffee mug with yesterday’s latte, papers strewn here and there or a mountainous heap of ‘unread’ mails? Sometimes, a Monica Geller in each one of us helps. To come out of the cubicle hell all you need is some time allocation to keep it tidy. Apart from the pencil skirt, the chignon up do and the excellent body language, a neat workstation can help win your boss’s heart.

Since you spend most of the day at work, it is natural to decorate your space in such a way that it reminds you of home. A photo frame with your family picture, a merit certificate highlighting your personal achievement and a showpiece with a memorable saying on it may be some of the things you wish to display. But before you embark on a decorating blitzkrieg do bear in mind that different companies have different work ethics and codes of conduct. It is imperative that you adhere to the same.

Things that you keep at your desk are capable of sending out messages to your colleagues, be it a bowl of walnuts for the healthy you or a picture of the original diva Marilyn Monroe for the fashionista in you. The kind of books you stack up or the pot of thick tuft fern you keep talks about your interests, efficiency, competency and sociability.

The Perfectionist
You have your papers neatly stocked in files and folders neatly labelled. You are the type who cleans your workspace on a regular basis. You store the office supplies and stationeries in separate boxes. You have complete aversion towards clutter and dislike your co workers creating mayhem at your desk. Well, you might slightly overdo this, but who cares, you are the perfectionist!

The Emotional type
You tend to display your soft side at work like displaying a childhood photo of yours or personal mementoes. You display photos because you prefer to have them around you all the time. This also includes sticking inspirational posters or mementoes that have a meaning attached to it.

The Party Animal
From shiny trinkets to disco balls, a martini glass, bright accessories, whimsical images, photos of the wild bachelorette do you had last month, the party girl in you can bring your wild and fun side into your cubicle. Display of party paraphernalia and décor can project your profuse love for Friday nights. You are the type who loves to infuse a shot of fun even at work.

The Prankster

Let’s see! You are the office goofball. You could be the type who has an affinity towards comic strips, the Chuck Norris and David Letterman type of humour and a dartboard. A prankster’s cubicle is a reflection of your humorous side.
Take this simple quiz to know if you’re the good girl or the messy baddie.

How tidy do you think is your work space?

A) Immaculately clean
B) A bit messy
C) Total clutter

How often do you clean your workstation?
A) It’s a daily habit
B) Whenever I feel like
C) Should I clean it?

Do you have photos and stick notes displayed?
A) I don’t like sticking personal photos on my workstation
B) I have a photo frame nestled on my table along with few stick notes on the computer screen
C) It’s like a complete photo collage here!

How do you look at your colleague’s tidy workstation?
A) It’s clean and so is mine
B) I wish I could keep mine like his/hers
C) Why is it clean all the time like a museum?

Do you have plants or a candy bowl for your colleagues?

A) Never. It’s just files and papers.
B) A little bit here and there.
C) Always!

Mostly As- You are extremely organized and a stickler for cleanliness. You have your life in order. You do not like mixing your personal and professional lives. You are focused and serious about the work you do. You are certainly not the gossip girl of your office.

Mostly Bs- You are fairly organized though you have the occasional slip ups. You do have difficulties in keeping things tidy, though you put in the effort. You have fun at work and like spending time with others. Work ethics wise, you fare well. You like working with others and would want them to appreciate you and your sense of aesthetics.

Mostly Cs- Now you know why that increment and the promotion have been eluding? You are an extrovert but there is so much of chaos in your life. You need to master the art of organizing things, not just at your workstation but in life as well. You may be the life of office parties but you might have issues deep down which you would surely want to set right.

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