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Wonder Blooms

Wonder Blooms
Brightening a dull room with a few vibrant cushions, a little shimmer or a bright spread here and there are tricks that have been done and suggested several times over. If you are willing to take it up a notch and risk an experiment, then go all out and play with floral patterns in multiple hues. It is striking, homely and definitely worth a shot, says Oishee Mukhopadhyay Talwar

Nothing spells beauty, passion, power and softness quite like flowers. Each with its distinct personality adds a special touch, not only to occasions but also to a room. How you plant the floral patterns amidst the fabrics and furniture of your house can completely change the look and feel of your home. Create a warm English countryside, a luxurious garden villa or a tropical paradise in your living room instantly with a few cleverly chosen blossoms. There is really no end to how you can interpret this gift of nature and have your home exude flower power in all its glory.

Fun with flowers
Want your bedroom to whisper romance at any time of the day? Chances are your decorator’s suggestion for red wallpaper might induce more aggression than passion. Instead, try furnishings with a dash of floral print, rosebuds for instance; choose throw pillows with flowery ruffles and let the soft single tone comforter invite with its beautiful rose printed border.
Undoubtedly, flowers are a fun way to redecorate. Get creative and use floral prints in different ways, like barstools with a single flower in black and white. The masculine colours and clean lines of the stools contrast with the softness of the flower diluting the monotony of the furniture.

The milieu
Chair seats, table runners, sofa cushions or, perhaps, the sofa itself: flowers have a way of finding themselves places at any part of your home. However, if you are not feeling too adventurous, don’t force-fit the flowery feel onto your furniture but don’t shy away from using it as an accessory either. Table mats, coasters, ornate vases, the toothbrush holder on your bathroom counter, the tea set, oven mitts, kitchen towels or even the kitchen tiles. Let loose and include a bit of spring in your home.

If you are up to it, you may also express the floral influence on your walls. For a touch of opulence, try burnt orange wallpaper with a lotus motif in gold. You can even create a focal point in the room with a single bright blossom set against a complementing background. It requires guts, a little know-how and oodles of taste. But if you are able to pull it off, it will be a showstopper all the way! Just remember not to overdo it. Keep the backdrop pastel if you are using vivid floral designs.

Types of patterns
Big or small, bold or faint, you can go for patterns of your choice. Go the vibrant, colourful way or stick to monochromes, choose a solitary flower or a brilliant bouquet.

The most popular flowers used in furnishing are tulip, daisy, lily, rose, lotus, zinnia and sunflower although some other varieties like dahlias, tuberoses and petunias also find place in home décor.

Choose a corner of the room you think needs to be perked up. Decide on a floral textured wall or wallpaper. Depending on the colour you choose, now add a piece of furniture or two that complement or contrast the new wall. Try a decorative cabinet, for instance. Or paint the old one with attractive blossoms. Place a vase or lamp on it and show off a new side to your abode.

It is really just the little touches that make the big impact. Take inspiration from your garden, express it in your room, and it is sure to be a talking point.

Try this little project at home- rummage through the rags you have stored away. Cut them in different shapes and sizes as long as they are in harmony with each other. Now arrange them on your old cushion cover in little floral patterns. Mark and stitch or glue the pieces onto the cover. Lo! Instant warmth, instant charm.

Here is a more preferred project- the photo frame. Grab a standard wooden frame, some paint and brushes and create a special one for the mantel. If you enjoy decoupage, then there is a lot more variety you can create and add to the room. Like wastepaper bins with flowers, or old, tin sweet boxes with floral prints and lots more.

The whole point of flower power within your home is to simply create a living space that emanates cosy cheerfulness. Besides, being a flower child is a lot more fun and adventurous, a true test of taste and a reflection of your understated yet go-getter personality.

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