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Come April and it’s time to break out of that mundane routine and have fun! Vacations are bliss and who doesn’t love to travel? And just because you’re traveling, it doesn’t mean that you should leave your sense of style back home.

Before you start fretting about lugging countless bags of all shapes, shades and sizes or the endless baggage checks at the airports, let’s tell you that looking stylish needn’t mean extra luggage. A bit of common sense, an eye for colour coordination, a flair for mix and match and, you’re sure to end up with a totally stylish ensemble. We give you a checklist of all the essentials before you take one last look, zip those bags and head out.

Fun under the sun!
Ok, you’re heading out to a destination which promises a lot of sun, sand and sea. Yes, the sunscreen is a necessity, we agree. But, here are a few things which you just cannot think of living without, especially if you consider yourself to be a beach bum.

  1. Flip flops: Traipsing on the sandy beaches barefoot is absolute bliss. But when you just want to relax, flip flops are your best companion. Take your pick – cutesy pink with fluffy frills or just the elegant ones in boringly dark shades – flip flops are perfect to give you the “beachy” feeling, we think!

  2. Shorts or Capris: A trip to any beach location is incomplete without those shorts or capris, if you’re uncomfortable about exposing your legs. Denim shorts, flashy ones with intricately flowery motifs, classic checked ones or even the plain ones are sure to add chutzpah to your attire. Capris in neutral tones like white, black or pastel shades can be teamed up with anything – right from a t-shirt to a vest.

  3. Swimsuits: As a woman, the swimsuit you choose counts among the most important decisions of your life! While we’re at it, let’s just say that you needn’t have a body like Pamela Anderson or Carmen Electra to flaunt a swimsuit. Comfort should be the key factor while selecting your bathing suit and at the same time, it should flatter your physical form. A swimsuit too tight would just highlight your flaws while an oversized one might make you look like a sack of potatoes.

  4. Sarong: You obviously wouldn’t like to be gawked at by a million pair of inquisitive eyes as you make your way to the pool in your swimsuit. A colourful sarong isn’t just stylish but ultimately useful and it looks so obviously fabulous, we think!

  5. Broad hats: Lazing on the beach or walking down the streets - it isn’t quite the same without those broad hats. Yes, they are incredibly useful to shade your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun and are very stylish.

  6. Flowery dress: Dresses or skirts with floral prints perfectly capture the tropical ambience. They’re very comfortable as you head out on sightseeing or go on a shopping spree. But make sure that you don’t go overboard with the flower power. You certainly wouldn’t want to end up looking like a disaster in floral.

‘Less is more’ while on a vacation.
Here’s how you can do it!
  • Dress up/down depending on where you’re heading out to.
  • Carry enough sunglasses, scarves and hats.
  • Apart from flip flops, embroidered chappals are quite funky.
  • Keep the makeup as minimalistic as possible. Kohl or kajal, suntan lotion,
    moisturizer and eye liner are basic essentials.
  • No matter where you go, always carry your compact.

Ubiquitous accessories:
No matter where you decide to vacation, these are a few things which you can’t afford to be without. That is, if you are serious about looking stylish while you holiday!

  1. Shirts: Goes without saying! A shirt or two is a vital addition to your travel wardrobe. They’re ultimately chic and can be teamed up casually over jeans or corduroys. Evening wear or just casual couture, they’re can be your saving grace in situations where you don’t know what to wear. Remember the cardinal rule: when in doubt, always wear a shirt.

  2. Tank tops/vests/halter tops/tunics: Vests or halter or tank tops – they all fulfill a common destiny, of making you look uber stylish while you vacation! A few of each variant can be teamed up with jeans or capris for that carefree look befitting a tourist albeit with a dash of chutzpah. And, you don’t have to worry about what you’d wear the next day. After all, you can always wear another vest or wait, maybe a halter top this time!

  3. Funky baubles: Ask any woman and she’d tell you that accessories can make or mar an ensemble. Common sense rather than couture, we think. But talking about accessories, copper chains or hoop ear rings or that chunky bracelet can be teamed up in a million ways with any outfit! Carefully choose a few versatile pieces which can be worn ubiquitously.

  4. T shirts: Graphic prints, Swarovski studded graffiti or just plain white tees – there’s something about T-shirts which instantly spell careless elegance. And, they’re very handy and can be work over almost anything from jeans to skirts. And, you can experiment with T-shirts. Remember Kareena Kapoor’s white T-shirt over harem pants look in Jab We Met? Comfort clothing with a touch of slapdash chic, we think!

  5. Sun glasses: It’s stylish, yes. But, sunglasses are extremely functional as well! Oversized glares are back and how! It’s back to the glorious eighties with huge sun glasses to exude that tinge of sophisticated glamour to your attire. Skeptical about the oversized glares? A classic model would do just fine!

  6. Oversized bag: It’s not just sunglasses which are going oversized. Big is certainly beautiful and bags are treading on the same path. And especially while on vacations, an oversized bag is nothing short of a blessing! You can toss in anything from your mobile to that compact or that solitary magazine – perfect for carrying your little world around, no matter where you head to. Very convenient and clearly trendy, we say!

  7. Scarves: They’re colourful and you can just about think of a million uses for something as handy as a scarf. You can break the monotony of your ensemble with a scarf or just use it as a mode of protection from the sun. Or, just twirl it around your neck for a surprisingly casual look. It’s all in your head, pun intended!

  8. Black dress: Yes, this one saves you from sudden shocks, speaking socially of course. Imagine an impromptu party and that too, a formal one? A black dress (little or not) can salvage you from any sticky situation. The black dress has just the right touch of elegance with debonair charm. Slip it on and you’re all set to rock, diva style!

  9. Wedges: A pair of classy wedges can pretty much do the trick. Whether you are traipsing in the markets or heading out to the bar or even grooving to the music at the pub, wedges go perfectly well with a wide range of attire. And unlike stilettos, they’re a lot easier on your feet. Comfort + style = wedges. Get the drift?

  10. Jeans: We can’t live without this piece of clothing. Jeans are very much a part of our personality! Stone washed denims or the classic blue jeans – a few pairs can comfortably get you through the vacation looking ultra stylish. Now, all you have to do is put that mix and match sense into play. No matter how old you are, a pair of jeans adds a unique twist to your ensemble.

  11. Leggings: Ah! Leggings have created quite a storm in our lives. They are very comfortable and look just fabulous. Leggings in a few basic colours or the really shiny ones can be teamed up with a wide range of tunics or tops, modified to suit the occasion.

Camaraderie in the cold
It’s cold and you’re all set to snuggle up and have some fun. Here’s what you need to remember if you want to sizzle despite all the snow around.

  1. Trench coat: If you are holidaying in a destination where the temperature precariously drops to wee degrees, a trench coat is very, very important. Sling it on and you are not just warm and all snuggled up but look extremely graceful too! And, you don’t have to bother too much about your clothes as the coat would give a sophisticated touch to the overall attire.

  2. Stoles: Pashmina never goes out of vogue! It’s charm at its vintage best. Wrap one around your shoulders and it instantly spells class. The intricate prints and rich colours can break the monotony, adding a plush appearance to your ensemble.

  3. Jackets: Biker babe? Glam girl? Just switch those jackets and you’re all set to rock the party. Shiny leather jackets or the ones with metallic embellishments – they’re highly adventurous.

  4. Boots: Bang on! There’s no two ways about it! Boots are so glamourous and go best with a mini skirt. It’s time to wear that attitude on your feet!

  5. Cardigans: If it’s cold, then it has to be cardigans. Woolens in their stylish avatars. Sweaters are downright boring. Cardigans over sweaters or skirts are fashionable without too much fuss.
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