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Style > The Spring Fashion Almanac
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2012 has gone by and 2013 is here. The world, luckily for us, is still around. And so is fashion. Being the industry that is ever changing, it is time to take a good look at your wardrobe and decide what’s hot and what’s not. By Sruthi Radhakrishnan


Floral prints are in. And how! Get a pair of floral hot pants and team with a lace sleeveless shirt and you are good to go. Funky floral accessories like hairclips, bracelets, neckpieces and rings can make a simple attire gorgeous and get you ready for a day out on a summer’s eve. This is the time to embrace a more feminine aesthetic. Whether you choose a floral print dress, leggings or a pretty floral top, there are plenty of opportunities to add some flower power to your spring look.

How to wear
Pick a size. We have all seen the traditional ‘ditsy’ floral prints, but this season, you can see more contemporary styles — large, statement florals on tops and dresses and mid-sized florals on pants and leggings. Don’t team the two up, though.

If you feel a little wary of this trend, try incorporating it in accessories. Bold floral bangles or a headband make for that wonderful girly look.
You can go for an edgy look by pairing floral print leggings with a black tunic or a dress with a light leather jacket.
Must haves
A floral print dress, cocktail length, hot pants and jewellery

This sweet style has come back into the fold. And they come in a full range no matter what shape you are. With a document clutch bag, it is great for an evening out with your girlfriends. Pleated dresses don't have to make you look dowdy when they are worn with the right types of shoes and accessories. This season's top styles include colour-blocked dresses and sexy, one-shoulder dresses that are sure to turn a few heads.

How to wear
Go for a colour-blocked ensemble. Colour-blocked dresses can slim down your figure and accentuate your curves. A knee-length pleated dress with geometric colour blocking down the sides or across the middle can freshen up your wardrobe with a burst of colour and also make you look slimmer.

The ‘high-low’ dress is one of the newest styles to hit the runways for the spring 2012 fashion season and a great pick for showing off your toned legs and buff arms. A strapless dress with a pleated sheath for the bottom half can be a chic and stylish pick.
If you are looking for the party dress of the season or just a more formal dress to add to your spring wardrobe, try a short, one-shouldered pleated dress.
Must haves
A box pleated dress in a single bright colour like summer yellow or electric blue

Along with document clutches, this season, it is time to make use of colours like never before. Stock up on solid coloured bags and try using oversized clutches in different colours. Embellished shoes are hot this season, especially wedges and flats. Nude colours work best in embellished shoes, unless your dress is closer to nude and you can go for a pop of colour with your footwear.
How to wear
Don’t get bags in very bright colours as it may overpower your clothes. Go for subdued colours and team it with an eye popping dress.
Don’t overdo the embellished theme. Put on a pair of embellished shoes only if your dress is plain enough to carry it off.
Must haves
Nude embellished wedges and an oversized differently shaped clutch
Goodbye, tangerine tango and hello, emerald green! Every year, Pantone LLC, the global authority on colour, watches the trends, designers, and brands to see which colours are making a splash. After conducting polls and research, the institute picks one hue that will act as a kind of ‘running thread’ throughout the tapestry of fashion and design trends. Their pick for 2013 is rich, bold emerald green.
How to wear
There is no better time to try the coloured jeans trend! Balance the rich jewel tone against a light pink, beige, gold, or white top for a sophisticated look.
Try wearing emerald drop earrings with a navy sweater dress. For making impressions at evening events, turn to these shades for a full look.
Simply pair a green tee with a pair of old denims and voila! You are a fashion icon already. On a serious note, look at emerald green as a colour for an evening gown or even a wonderful embroidered sari.
Must haves
A bit of green in everything in your wardrobe

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