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Are you the quintessential modern woman ruling the boardrooms during the day and reining the party world by dusk? You’ve to look your gorgeous best practically all the time and that’s not an easy task at all, we agree!

We live in an era where impromptu evening parties, glitzy get-togethers and social revelry are a common occurrence. If you are a woman on the go, juggling corporate obligations and your all-important social circle could leave you bleary eyed, tearing your frizzy mane in extreme frustration! Our quick fix style guide with extremely handy ideas would definitely help you achieve the ‘super-wow’, glam-doll status within minutes.

Style tip #1:
We think that the lip gloss was one of the most useful inventions, at least for the woman kind! When in doubt, dab a bit of lip gloss and use it as eye shadow. It’s a wee bit sticky but looks extremely great, giving you the shimmering effect in practically no time! A perfect finish to your smoky eye look – just apt for those days when you’re eyes are revolting after a really, really hectic day at work.

Style tip #2:
Lipstick is truly a versatile piece of cosmetic. The amount of makeup moves which you can do with this incredibly useful beauty tool is absolutely amazing. The usual, matt-finished lipstick can bring a fresh tinge of pink to your pale cheeks, literally! Use some lipstick on your cheeks and carefully rub it to get an even, blush effect. Pinks and reds work perfectly for this purpose and the overall result is stunning.

Style tip #3:
Is your ensemble suffering from a sudden attack of “Plain Jane” peevishness? Jazz it up, we say! Use accessories to work the magic on your attire. A chunky bracelet or very lavish pair of earrings – you’re all set to rock the evening! Again, experimenting with your funky jewelery can be serious fun! A plain chain can double as a bracelet while those elegant brooches can be transformed into scintillating pendants. It’s not really rocket science, see?

Style tip #4:
Stoles to the rescue! Yes, this is a time-tested fashion formula. With a couple of million colours and designs to choose from, stoles can add a touch of pizzazz to not just your ethnic attire but with any other ensemble as well!

Style tip #5:
Luscious lips can add a whole new dimension to your persona, we say! Dab some clear lip gloss over your nude lipstick or lip and voila, your pout would exude a flirtatiously fresh look. This style works brilliantly with a natural shade of blush and a touch of mascara.

Style tip #6:
Bored with the nude look? Then, it’s time to bring out the shimmer! Highlight that pout with a super shiny gloss – fantastic hot effect, instantly! Or, add a touch of naughty sparkle to your lips by brushing powder to bring out that glimmering glory.

Style tip #7:
Running low on style? Jackets can save the day. Now, they come in all shades and sizes to match practically any outfit under the sun. The classic denim jackets, sleeveless waistcoats, elegant blazers or short jackets – take your pick and elevate your ensemble with a dash or debonair charm.

Style tip #8:
When in doubt, go for code red! You’d better remember this one. The colour can pep up absolutely any attire with a satisfyingly seductive result. Wear your lips the shade of deep red or paint your nails with shiny scarlet shades or even add a red stole to create that hot and smoky effect.

Glamour girl, party princess or boisterous babe – choose your style file for the occasion and play it up!


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