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Style > Fashion lessons from Mama’s closet
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Ask any fashionista worth her compact and she’d tell you that classic styles never die, they always return! Get the vintage advantage without splurging out a fortune and, raiding your mom’s closet is the easiest way to go about it! Before you scoff at the idea, we suggest you take a peek. You’re sure to find a treasure trove of antique knick knacks from the glorious 80’s or swinging 70’s to add to your must-have fashion collection.

Brilliantly bling
We’ve said this a million times before but we’d say it again! Bling is definitely in! The next time you see those prehistoric brooches encrusted with beads or stones, save them for another day. Jazz up those simple outfits with a dash of bling and you’re all set to make a style statement albeit with your very own whacky twist.

Positively Pashmina
Think about it! The Pashmina Wrap can offer you a lot of possibilities, strictly speaking style. And, more often than not, you’re sure to find a variant hidden in your mom’s wardrobe saved for those super special instances. Intricate designs, rich hues, delicate weaves and elaborate patterns make the Pashmina wrap every woman’s favourite piece of accessory. Team it with a pair of jeans or that simple dress and you’re a picture of classic charm!

Jazzy jewellery
Antique jewellery is just so, so cool. But remember, the cardinal rule here is to never go overboard. Ditch the set-mentality and go individual – flaunt that chunky kada or those jhumkas. Wear it one at a time and add a touch of old world charm to your ensemble.

Comb couture
They’re cutesy yet quirky – hair combs are oh-so-adorable! By the way, they’re pretty functional too, if you love to let your tresses flow freely. The hair combs in classic browns are unusually common and you’re sure to find one of those snazzy versions with flowery motifs or vague patterns in your mom’s drawer. Goes perfectly with your striped tee or that ethnic salwar, we say!

Oversized Oomph
Ok, you laughed at those oversized glares a couple of years ago when your mom was on a wardrobe updating spree. Now, the same oversized glares with funky rims are back with a vengeance. Still not convinced? Just take a look around! Right from teen sensation Miley Cyrus to Kareena Kapoor and Sameera Reddy, leading ladies from across the globe are flashing their jazzy eye-gear with a dash of urbane chic.

Sensual Saris
Saris flatter absolutely any body type and can make a woman look totally gorgeous. And we bet, you’d get a bounty of antique saris from your mom’s wardrobe. Watch out for those traditional saris with intricate zardosi work or embellishments that were a big rage back then. Team up the sari with a totally whacky blouse with modern cuts flattering your body. And voila, you’re all draped to conquer the world!

It’s time to get the classic charm working in your favour. A wee bit of ingenuity can go a long way in helping you create your signature style without too much fuss.


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