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Home sweet smelling home
Do you come home to a dry, dull and vague odour in your house everyday? Here are 5 ways you can keep your house smelling fresh as a daisy!

(i) Spray select locations in your house with essential oil sprays available at all leading outlets. Lemongrass, mandarin and strawberry are top summery scents guaranteed to keep your house always smelling sweet, effervescent and clean. These oil sprays are organic and help keep the mosquitoes away too. Talk about double benefits!

(ii) Scented candles - This is probably one of the easiest ways to keep your home fresh and fragrant. The candles come in various flavours like lemon, orange, kiwi, strawberry, lavender, patchouli, eucalyptus and can be picked up from any décor store.

(iii) Flowers like jasmine, hyacinth, lilies and daffodils simply placed on your bedside table, dinner table or several corners of the house can have a dramatic effect on the way your home smells and feels besides giving a feeling of cleanliness and snugness. Just place a few of your chosen blooms around the house, and be sure to change them every few days, or a week at the most, if they are long lasting flowers.

(iv) Herbs like eucalyptus, rosemary and cinnamon not only have aromatic properties but when exposed to on a daily basis, can have profoundly calming effect on the mind and body. That explains their relevance in spa treatments and various corrective therapies. So what are you waiting for? Just add these in either solid or liquid form to your homes. You can also get potpourris in these flavours and scents.

(v) Vanilla extract - To keep this simmering on the stove sends a whiff of scented air throughout the house. It is known to have medicinal properties when smelt, and also adds the oh-so amazing aroma that you want in your home. It is fuss free, adds value to the kitchen and is an easy way to get that warm feeling the next time you walk into your home.

Quick fix Tips:

1) Bake bread - The house will smell delicious all day

2) Simmer cinnamon sticks with orange peel on the stove

3) Burn Incense for a good smelling home

4) Spray your favourite perfume on an unlit light bulb!

5) Put out dishes of lemon or dried rosemary on table tops
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