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Give your wardrobe a stunning makeover by combining feel-good dressing and dollops of right attitude with two of the boldest fashion trends of the season: brights and linen. By Iona Chatterjee


Give the boring neutrals a miss this season and pick up something electric and funky. As brights rule the fashion front, a confident attitude is all you require to look uber cool. Bright colours exude energy and vibrancy. According to fashion designer, Archana Kochhar, “Lace, sheer neutrals and whites are playing a major role in fashion this season, but in contrast we also have the bright electric neons, colour blockings, bohemian patterns and prints.” From tangerine, bright canary yellow, orange and other citrus hues to pure ivory; from fresh coral and watermelon to mint and chartreuse; designer ensembles are characterised by an interesting juxtaposition of colours.

“My favourite colour for this season is the hottest of the pinks. I also incline towards contrast of ivory and nudes that are subtly colour blocked,” says designer Rina Dhaka.

What’s Hot: Feel the brilliance in the new hues and innovative cuts. Here is how you can carry them with panache.

Pair your bright coloured pants, harems or Jodhpuris with a neutral shirt or a top. White is the safest option for pairing the brights.
Mixing bright colours can definitely do the trick. However, to avoid confusion, it is always advisable to stick to the colours from the same family. For example, team corals with green or blue. Pink looks gorgeous when paired with beige or off white.
The fashion world can never stop obsessing about prints. Choose from floral to aquatic prints. Get as playful as you can.
Vibrant and oversized sunglasses and statement neckpieces are the perfect accessories. “When it comes to accessorising, bright orange and yellow neon hits the centre of the style dart board,” suggests Sakshee.
For those who shy away from the bright colours, creamy pastels come to the rescue. “Pastel candy colours, black and white prints, creamy neutrals, whimsical prints and stripes do the trick for ensembles this season,” believes Sakshee.

What’s Not: Fashion crimes are not permitted this season. Stretch your confidence levels to a comfortable length. Do not be afraid to experiment. You need to know what looks good on you and then opt for some creative experimentation without going overboard.
Unless you are wearing a printed dress, never team printed lowers with printed tops. Too many prints create fashion confusion. Prints should be only teamed with neutrals.
While mixing colours, stick to a maximum of two or three. Too many colours tend to look jarring.
Wear colours that suit your body type.
Do not over accessorise for a casual day look.
Lend your wardrobe a blend of comfort and chic by adding the linens. They are light, easy, breezy and now also an important member of high-street style. Linen today has outgrown its wrinkly, formal and dull image. It is now an interesting amalgamation of comfort and style.

What’s Hot: There are few fabrics which can top linens in the cosiness department. Wearing linens the right way will enhance your style quotient without compromising on the comfort factor. Here’s how:
Linens require accessorising. A basic linen dress can made to look ultra glamorous when accessorised right. A work wear linen dress can be easily transformed into an evening wear. Just team it up with some glossy heels, a sleek belt or a scarf. Add a neckpiece and you are ready for the party.
A white linen kurta with khaki pants can be given instant oomph by adding some silver or wooden jewellery. Replace the flats with pumps.
Junk jewellery can instantly add life to your jumpsuit or linen pants.
Buttoned up linen jackets with khaki pants look stylish and comfortable.
What’s Not: You can hardly go wrong with linen but here are a couple of things to avoid:
Although linens have shaken away the stigma of being perpetually crumpled, they do have a tendency of getting wrinkled if not handled carefully. Make sure your linens are properly ironed and stored so that you get more mileage out of them.
Unless you are in the mood to be boldly experimental, stick to shades of black, white, grey and tan when it comes to linen pants for exuding a cool, classy feel.

Killer Combination

Here is a hot tip to blend the two reigning trends

Team your regular white linen shirt with a pair of bright coloured hot pants. This is an easy and fuss-free look and effortlessly transforms you into a femme fatale.
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