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Throughout history, various ingredients have been held in the highest regard as aphrodisiacs. Some have arousing aromas, while most are suggestive in shape or even have a sensual feeling when consumed. However, do these ingredients trigger the feelings of love and arousal? Let us find out!

Most people claim that consuming certain ingredients can increase your libido, but are they true? diet and lifestyle consultant from Bengaluru says, “Foods considered as aphrodisiacs are those that aim to stimulate the love senses - sight, smell, taste and touch. Sometimes, even the simple act of eating can arouse you-the way you feel each bite in your mouth can in turn suggest sex to the mind, which subconsciously stimulates desire in the body. No food has been scientifically proven to stimulate the human sex organs-it is not that certain ingredients awaken your sex drive, it all has to do with the mind and the way you see, taste and feel each ingredient.”

Here are five infamous aphrodisiacs that have made a mark in history and have the ability to fire up passion and desire in whoever consumes them!

Chillies have a wonderful attribute-they have the ability to increase heart rate, doubling the pleasure of your meal. With its ability to raise body temperatures and accelerating heart beats to making your lips swell to a kissable plump pouts, the effects of eating a hot chilli are similar to the visual cues of a sexual flush! This sexy attribute can put your partner’s mind in the mood with a fleeting glance! They also help to release endorphins-a floating energised feeling so powerful in its pleasure that makes it difficult to say no to this flavoursome spice!
Historical Significance
Red chilli was used as a catalyst in fortifying chocolate drink that the Aztec emperor Montezuma consumed to make his tongue dance and quicken his pulse in preparation for his daily visit to his concubines with beautiful maidens.

One of the most evocative symbol of passion, most believe that the connection between oysters and romance lies in a chance that slurping the slippery bivalves from their shells might reveal a pearl (however, edible oysters are not of the pearl-producing variety). The slightly salty and sweet scent of oysters have proven to be sexually stirring as their smell is similar to a potent female pheromone. They are also loaded with zinc, a key nutrient for testosterone production.
Historical Significance
Oysters have also been credited with keeping men virile well into old age. Most historians believed that Casanova, the charming playboy consumed more than fifty oysters each day to keep his sexual libido in top form!

Almonds are knownto be a healthy source of fat and are considered a great aphrodisiac for men because they support testosterone production. Also packed with proteins and other essential nutrients, the texture of almonds is said to sensitise the tongue and increase the sex drive in both men and women.
Historical Significance
Every culture has its unique folklore in history. In ancient Greece, almonds were tossed at weddings in place of rice as a sendoff for a successful honeymoon (and fed to the groom) as they were considered to be the Viagra of the hour!

Shaped like a perfect little red heart, strawberry is one of the most sought after aphrodisiacs known to man.Rich in Vitamin C, the berries supposedly reminds one of the most erogenous zones of the female anatomy. The scent of a strawberry is invigorating and is said to trigger your sex drive. When dipped in chocolate (another aphrodisiac) it awakens all your senses and sensuality.
Historical Significance
Well known as an aphrodisiac fruit since the times of ancient Rome, the strawberry was a symbol of Venus-the goddess of love, beauty and sex. A lost tradition, in ancient times newlyweds were made to consume strawberry soup to add romance to their relationship.

Red wine is believed to not only keep you healthy and young, but also boost your libido and that of your lover. Red wine is also rich in resveratrol-an antioxidant that is known to increase the amount of oestrogen, the chief sex hormone in women. The secretion of this hormone increases the desire for sex in a woman. Any alcoholic beverage will do the trick, however in the game of seduction, musky and masculine reds are the best!
Historical Significance
Dionysus was the god of fertility and wine, later considered a patron of the arts. He created wine and spread the art of viticulture. Consuming wine and indulging in the art of love making was a revered art during the times of ancient Greeks.

Five types of aphrodisiacs that are thought to elicit sensuality:

1. Are you hot?
Food that creates warmth and moisture are said to arouse ‘heated’ passion. Load up on chillies and spicy curries!

2. Looks like it!
Foods that resemble male or female genitalia were believed to increase desire. The infamous oyster is one example, as are some fruits like banana, and root vegetables like carrots.

3. The reproduction hypothesis
Reproductive organs and eggs are said to increase sexual desire and potency. Don’t ignore fish roe and bird eggs if you are seeking a wild night of passion.

4. Exotic hence erotic
Foods considered rare and expensive are believed to be sexually exciting, especially edible gold!

5. Sense and sensuality
Foods that stimulate the senses in a pleasurable way were thought to stimulate passion, like a fine wine.


Here are some common aphrodisiacs that may come your way:

They are known for their healthful properties as well as aphrodisiac qualities.
Basil - The fresh leaves have an alluring aroma that awakens your desires.
Cilantro - This pungent herb that promotes vigour, and heightens arousal.
Saffron - A stimulating, expensive herb, it has always been associated with luxury.

Their intense flavours will surely jumpstart your love life!
Cinnamon - This spice increases blood flow and increases your sex drive.
Clove - Exotic spice that boosts your energy levels.
Ginger - Another flavourful spice that heightens your sexual mood.

They arouse sensual feelings because they are rich in protein.
Caviar - An exotic food that boosts your libido.
Salmon - A rich and tasty fish that not only stimulates your appetite, but also your senses.
Tuna - A fish that induces a healthy sex drive.

They play with your imagination as they resemble sex organs.
Banana -The shape and texture of this fruit promotes sensuality.
Cherry - Thisdelicious fruit arouses desire in women.
Avocado - Rich and creamy, they are the best aphrodisiac for men and women.



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