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They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And, how right they are! How we love the sparkling solitaires, the dreamy yellow gold studded with brightly coloured stones, the rare platinum with its special aura, the intricately fine creations and the timeless pieces from the days gone by. Jewelry is every woman’s fondest fantasy and wildest obsession.

While couture, haute or otherwise, is the center of all attention, there’s nothing like jewelry to add a touch of pizzazz to your ensemble. Our special focus gives you a glimpse of this season’s hottest trends in jewelry, guaranteed to give your festivities a whole new glitter.

All that glitters… is gold!
Who can resist the golden spell which enchants millions of women with its captivating brilliance? Gold was, is and will always be one of the most popular metals – not just in jewelry but also as a potent investment option. This ageless metal has been a special bond between families, passed down generations and binding them in a band of togetherness, forever. But, in recent times, gold has translated from bulky, traditional forms to a trendy avatar. Here are five freaky ways to get groovy with gold.

  1. This season, lightweight is the way to go. It’s flower power all the way as floral designs capture your imagination with their gorgeous expressions. Apart from flowers, patterns of leaves, vines and mango shaped motifs are perennial favourites.

  2. “In India, gold is categorized into three broad types based on its purity. 24 carat gold is 99.9% pure, too soft and hence, not ideal for making jewellery. So, its use is restricted to being sold as coins or bullions. 22 carat gold is the most popular type of gold used in India and has a purity of 91.6%. 22 carat gold has more hardness and so is very useful for making jewellery. 18 carat Gold at 75% purity, has maximum hardness among the three types of gold mentioned above. 18 carat gold is ideally suited for diamond studded jewellery”, elaborates Kishore Jain – Managing Director, Khazana Jewellery.

  3. Diamonds encrusted in gold crafted in slender designs are a perfect blend of elegance and subtlety. “The 18K gold jewelry with diamonds is the latest trend and our Zita Collection features some of the best in Italian jewelry. Its perfection as the diamonds are set under the microscope – perfectly cut and each individual diamond, though a speck has a whopping 57 sides. And, this delivers a much better finish”, explains Jithendra Vummidi, Partner – Vummidi Bangaru Jewelers.

  4. While traditional patterns rule the roost, there has been ample scope for experimentation. If you’re feeling adventurous, try ornaments where the stones or diamonds are backed by highly polished gold or opt for the pink background or maybe, even the matt finish. This adds to the beauty of the jewelry with its quirky element.

  5. Love it or hate it, bold and chunky designs are here to stay. Crafted specially, gold jewelry encrusted with stones and diamonds are apt for those moments where you want to be the cynosure of all eyes. Intricate patterns like metal discs or laces in gold is gaining immense popularity for their contemporary styling and striking appearance.

Purity, thy name is platinum
If you put a premium on purity, then platinum wins hands down. This naturally occurring white metal remains pure without fading or tarnishing while exuding an inherent luminescence. Platinum jewelry in India is a minimum of 95% pure while 18K gold is 75% pure, in comparison. It is 30 times rarer than gold which means that platinum is an exclusive possession, restricted to the privileged few. In recent times, platinum is fast becoming the metal of choice for those who want only the very best. Here’s what you need to know before blowing out your moolah on this metal.

  1. Contrary to popular belief, platinum is a precious metal that will always hold value that grows. All the retailers offer a buy-back on platinum is quite similar to the resale value with gold diamond jewelry.

  2. In India, platinum is sold only through the Platinum Guild India’s authorized retailers across the country. “All authentic platinum jewelry in India is stamped with the ‘Pt 950’ purity hallmark and a Unique Identification Number (UIN). A quality assurance card also accompanies that piece which states that the purity of the jewelry is 95% pure and has the UIN. This also serves as an assurance for a ‘buy back’ program”, says Vaishali Banerjee, Country Manager for Platinum Guild International.

  3. It’s not just the women who go gaga over platinum. Ask the male brigade as well! “We have a wide range for platinum jewelry for men. And, a lot of brides these days are now wearing platinum jewelry. This, in fact, has inspired us to design more necklaces. Now, there is a lot of variety with a wide range of designs to choose from and platinum is known for its subtle elegance”, informs Jitendra.

  4. Platinum is very popular as a symbol of eternal love which perfectly goes with its exclusivity. Wedding bands and anniversary rings are a surefire way to showcase your love and the promises of a lifetime in togetherness. “Birthdays, anniversaries or even a promotion, platinum makes it an occasion to remember, forever. A jewelry connoisseur buys platinum in appreciation of the fine design and craftsmanship that goes into every piece of jewelry. Platinum is only for those women who are elegant and inherently stylish”, adds Vaishali.

  5. Special occasions apart, platinum is perfect for the contemporary woman of today who wants an exclusive jewelry for everyday wear. In the corporate jungle, what better way to make a bold statement than with a rare mark of excellence! Extraordinary yet understated, platinum designs are contemporary and easy to wear. Simple, sophisticated and elegant, platinum jewelry is sure to cast an aura of purity coupled with an eternal brilliance.

Diamonds are forever
A look at this sparkling stone makes you go weak in the knees. No, we don’t blame you. It is a natural reaction to the power of the solitaire to mesmerize your senses with its ethereal beauty. An expression of love, an indication of intense passion or the sign of an everlasting bond – diamonds convey myriad expressions and speak the universal language of love. We show you five ways to get the solitaire to make a style statement.

  1. Have it? Flaunt it! It’s all about catching the eye! The stones are getting bigger and flashier. The designs which make the big rock seem even bigger are totally hot this season.

  2. Diamonds are an expensive purchase and so, people don’t like to experiement much with the designs. Classic patterns are always popular as they are a safe bet. But, if you have the money, then solitaires are the way to go! The spotlight is on the solitaire and what better way to wear diamonds than with a single, sparkling stone.

  3. When it comes to diamond jewelry, pendants, rings and ear studs are the most popular piece of ornaments. And, speaking about diamonds, it’s not just restricted to occasions. The spunkier designs are perfect for everyday wear making an impact with their minimalistic appeal.

  4. Celestial designs like the sun, moon and stars are quite popular as diamonds enhance the pattern with their sparkle. The other trend is the contrast effect where diamonds are set against darkened metal to bring out the beauty of the stone with the predominant disparity.

  5. While the focus is on the big rock, the small, miniscule stones also have their day. Diamonds, big or small, are always preferred for their universal class. Chandelier earrings or intricate chokers in delicate patterns ranging from traditional to insanely quirky designs are the flavor of the season.

  6. While we’re speaking diamonds, you can experiment with the ornaments. For instance, you can sling that diamond pendant hanging on a thin chain on your back accentuated by the backless gown. Or else, wrap that chain on your wrist so that the pendant dangles and adds a touch of class to your attire. Because when it comes to your diamonds, you know how it would look best on you! Get quirky and set your own style statement.

The antique story
Vintage jewelry is no longer about out-of-vogue ornaments from your grandma’s collection. Antique designs capture the timeless charm of the days gone by while tweaking it to suit modern tastes. Whether it is the elaborate necklaces from the Mughal Era (think Jodhaa Akbar) or chunky earrings from royal boudoirs of the Maharanis, antique jewelry has been inspired by the classic styles and the opulence of a time where life was all about living it large, queen size!

  1. Antique jewelry isn’t just expressions from the ancient past. They are the key to look super glam in a jiffy. Slip on those antique kadas or the vintage choker and it spells instant elegance with a touch of classic sophistication.

  2. The bold patterns intricately embellished with colourful stones add a touch of pizzazz to your ensemble while drawing those envious look of pure longing from the crowd.

  3. Antique jewelry is a tribute to the lavish lifestyles of ancient royalty. Be it the Mughals or the Victorian English influence or even the Maharanis of myriad kingdoms – each antique piece has a story to tell and a history to match. Owning a piece of the past is surely a moment of pride.

  4. A new concept in gold jewelry is the incredibly ethnic design inspired by the vibrant temple culture of South India. “Temple jewellery is a new design that is gaining popularity. Temple Jewellery is a form of antique jewellery usually made using an ancient die. There could be images of God or Goddess in the jewellery to add a touch a tradition”, explains Kishore Jain.

  5. Kundan Jewelry is yet another evidence of our culturally rich past. The royals of Rajasthan patronized this craft where masterpieces were created on highly refined gold amalgamated with Lac, a resin and embellished with precious stones. Intricately detailed, Kundan jewelry is deeply traditional echoing the rich craftsmanship of the artisans.

  6. Each piece of Kundan jewelry has its own special allure. Be it the motifs or the unique engravings or even the delicate interplay of precious stones ranging from agate, garnet, emerald, topaz, amethyst, jade, rock crystal, spinel, uncut diamonds and sapphires, Kundan ornaments are distinct and exclusive.

  7. Pearls, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and even moonstones – the ingenious use of different hues of precious gems give a whole new dimension, bringing the patterns alive with their vibrancy.

  8. But, before you plunge headlong into the antique ornaments, keep this in mind. Never ever go overboard. While we understand your urge to show off your vintage collection, you wouldn’t want to look like a relic from the past. Wear it one at a time and match it appropriately to ensure that it elicits the appreciation it so rightly deserves.


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