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Pretty In Plum

PLUM PLUM PLUM... a romantic colour... a royal colour. Preethi Shanker lets you in on how to use the luxurious shade to enhance your home’s interiors.

As with any form of design, trends change as true as the seasons do. Colour is one of the most noticeable of these many changes time witnesses. This décor season belongs totally to plum as the colour brings so much warmth and majesty into your living space. Not only is the shade cosy and extremely inviting but when teamed up with a heavy grey wall or even opulent wallpaper, looks very chic and classy too.

Mix it up with furniture

An easy way to introduce this deep shade in a traditional room is with a small piece of furniture like an armchair, footstool or a futon covered in a rich plum, aubergine or even berry fabric. For a comfy feeling opt for upholstery that feels soft to touch like velvet. Throw in a floor cushion in graphite or one with a pattern to bring in a contemporary edge and a sense of lightness to the rich colour scheme. For a more traditional look, plum can be used to warm up a room through an accent chair or a throw pillow. When it comes to coffee tables and other accompanying pieces, go for modern shapes. Contemporary furniture keeps a plum colour scheme fresh.

Pair your plums
Plums go very well with many neutral and accent colours. Plums have warm undertones and usually have the softness many people aspire for in their houses. There are different plum varieties and they go with many colours. In modern spaces, you can use plum as a bold accent against stark white. For a bright and daring contrast, pair it with a tone of yellow (the complementary shade on the colour wheel). They work with a plethora of colours (when done right and in moderation) like green, orange, red, brown, pink and grey. For a more sophisticated and understated look choose soft furnishings in slate or even graphite and you can keep the colour scheme looking modern. A plum and a chocolate scheme always go well together. Add a dash of gold tone to give it some sparkle.

If it is the bedroom you have chosen this colour palette for, use cream pillows and notice how the bed doesn’t look heavy and dull against the plum wall. The light colour adds a strong contrast to the plum and a fresh outlook to the overall scheme.

If you think that doing a whole room in the shade is too overwhelming, try using it as an accent. Plum is an ideal decor accent because the colour is both masculine and feminine, and it provides an elegant touch to walls that are painted neutral. Mixing a variety of shapes and tones will create depth in the space and complement a variety of accents and furniture. Even a single piece in any version of plum can bring warmth, elegance or even drama. For a note of mystery, hang a ‘plum’ inspired piece of art. To make a stronger statement, choose a side table or even a sofa in a delicious berry hue. Mix floral cushions with bold stripes to add colour and pattern to a plain, neutral coloured sofa.

A bold plum pattern on even textured wallpaper creates a stunning focal point but don’t overdo it. Try and highlight just one area. Give a plum and grey colour scheme a contemporary feel with metallic touches. Make a display of reflective vases or even a mosaic tiled mirror to experiment with this look. A metallic footstool to a plum armchair will add that extra touch with a modern twist.

Fully painted plum walls are only for a select group of people. It can be a spectacular accent wall and if paired with the right curtains and furniture, can give your living space a rather cutting-edge appearance. However, dark purple walls are not for everyone and might be difficult to live with day in and day out not to mention hard to paint over. In this case, try a deep shade of plum paint on a door and create an intrigue without overpowering the passageway. The pairing of purple paint and dark tones of cupboards, dining furniture or even floors always looks stylish.

Deep and rich purple or plum tones have always been associated with royalty from time immemorial. Choosing any form of plum indicates that you are still young and energetic but you want a more sophisticated outlook for your home.

If you like the shades of this fruit, there is definitely a shade out there for you. Now you too can live like royalty. So why hesitate?

What is plum colour?
Named after the fruit, traditionally the shade is an average of the purple and red colours of a plum.

For an interesting touch, look out for plum coloured glasses that match your room. With the perfect arrangement, you’d be surprised how it can lift the ambience of the room.


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