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Crucial Corners
With the sizes of homes getting more and more compact, it is tough to match style with substance. And there is much that can be done with the corners in your home to give your living space more personality. By Oishee Mukhopadhyay Talwar

While decorating your home, it is natural to have each room mapped out in your head with the obvious elements: couch, chairs, tables, cushions. You know exactly where each one goes and the spaces are easy to fill. But without paying adequate attention to the sleepy, neglected corners, it is tough for a room to look complete and fetching. So what can one really do with the crucial corners, other than jamming it up with bulky, boring furniture? Here are a few pointers that might ignite inspiration.

Let it shine

It is amazing what the intelligent use of lighting can do to your room. And when it comes to the corners of your house, the right kind of lighting can add a dash of drama and give your home a warm, welcoming glow. A tall floor lamp works best, but don’t shy away from being creative or testing other wall fixtures. Try dangling a single chain of rice lights along the length of the corner where the two walls meet. Not only is it a different take on the floor lamp, but has potential to be a conversation starter at your next gathering.

Art Beat

This one is an ever popular choice. It is always a good idea to accentuate corners with interesting artwork. Never mind if it is purchased or one of your own, let your creative side find breathing space in the empty corner and you will notice how well it uplifts the room. Be it a sculpture, a dainty figurine, a vibrant painting, or even colourful scribbles by your children. Frame it and place it with pride.

What you choose to display says a lot about your taste and the character of your home. If paintings are not your thing, you can also frame to preserve and showcase nostalgia. Do you have an old vintage fabric that is an heirloom? Or, perhaps a unique pressed flower? It could even be a series of offbeat items framed neatly next to each other, like your first ever concert ticket or a friendship bracelet from your best buddy. It is not really about what you choose to display rather how you choose to show it.

Smug Seating
One of the best ways to utilize an empty corner is to turn it into a cosy seating area: a nook you can use to unwind or as an extra comfortable place to seat guests. It works very well in small spaces especially if the seating is designed intelligently with storage. Throw in some cushions and your bland corner will be upbeat in no time.

Spaced Out
A common solution to creating the illusion of space in a small home is the clever use of mirrors. And if it is a dark corner in the room you are agonizing over, then you certainly ought to give this idea a shot. Install a funky futuristic wall art set completely in mirrors or walk the simple path with a standard full length mirror (perhaps with a few light accessories to jazz it up). Not only will it create a sense of space but by allowing the light to reflect off of it, it will also haul the dull corner out of its gloomy darkness.

Leafy Stories
If you don’t want to bother too much with furniture or if you are woefully short on time to go hunting for art and light, take the tried and tested simple route with plants. A tastefully selected plant is never out of style and always a winner. It lends the house instant warmth. Whether an indoor palm tree or a set of smaller sized potted plants, you can never have enough and can hardly ever go wrong.

Desk Job
Turn one of the corners in your home into a writing desk. However, be sure to keep the design simplistic. You don’t want anything too heavy robbing the room of its balance and lightness. Think of unusual colours and shapes. Instead of the regular rectangle have your carpenter design an angular one along the walls making good use of the available space. You may even merge one or two of the above ideas- be it mirrors, art or a desk plant; think of something that adds a touch of elegance to an otherwise drab desk.

Colour Me Bold

Just like how embellishments do, minimalism also works wonders in décor. Forget the accessories. Forget the furnishings. Forget the lights and action. Let the corner stand all by itself unsupported by all paraphernalia with nothing to show off but its colour. With plenty of paint solutions available in the market today, be bold and creative and don’t hesitate to colour your walls in vivid hues and textures, or slap on eye catching wall paper. Either way, try leaving the decorative chaos aside and simply let the colour speak for itself.

Reading Room
Another good way to use the space and spell smart at the same time is to convert the corner into a mini library. The thing about books is that even when taking up a lot of space, they still add tremendous depth to the house, are always in style and provide a glimpse into the life of the owner. So stack your books and put up a little library; have your own ‘shop around the corner’.

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