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Brilliant Baths
With three distinct looks and tons of tips, Preethi Shanker shows you how to make your bathroom truly beautiful.

Browsing though bathroom design brochures can be a daunting task. They are more often than not filled with impossibly pristine rooms that look like you have acres of space for your bathrooms, not to mention the vast picture windows. This of course is a far cry from the average home. This does not, however, mean that you cannot have the bathroom of your dreams. The trick is to cherry - pick from all the different trends and styles and create something that works for your space and of course your budget. You can now make your bathroom a peaceful environment, taking the word “rest” room in the most literal of senses.

Look 1: Modern and Minimal

Forget 50 shades of grey. The minimalist look is all about the different shades of white and about sleek lines and sophistication. White hardware paired with fine fittings and subtle patterns is the perfect formula for this look. The minimal look appears simple but anything so seemingly fuss – free can be hard to pull off successfully. In this look, there is usually nothing to distract the eye, so attention to detail becomes everything. Stand – alone tubs are definitely the order of the day. If your budget permits, opt for one that has sleek geometric lines to go with the modern look in any shade of white.

Stainless steel and silver are perfect pairs to the white look. When it comes to accessories, a combination of chrome silver, stainless steel and white ceramics and porcelains should do the trick. As for your bath kit (towels, laundry basket, shower curtains etc.), go for neutral, sleek and sexy numbers for extra style points. To stop a white bathroom from becoming too clinical, add subtle pattern and texture with tiles in different shades of white and coral.

Look 2: Wonderful Wood

Think of the dreamiest and most soothing spa-like bathroom you have ever seen. The one thing they all have in common is the use of natural elements. Sleek units, coordinated accessories and natural colours result in a simple, beautiful and serene bathroom. For obvious reasons, wood used to be a big no-no in bathrooms. But several companies have now made it their business to create not only bathroom perfect wood flooring, but also the complete package from showers to high tech wall panels. For getting this look right, think restrained, sleek wooden units, fixtures and flooring or it will land up looking like a 70s sauna and a rustic cabin all in one.

From sinks and consoles to storage and the entire feel of the bathroom, keep things natural, pared – down and pure. Faux – wood, tech wood and multi wood are some of the most used replacements for actual wooden flooring. They are all water resistant, warm, easy to clean and slip – proof.

Look 3: Colourful Sophistication

A statement piece, plain walls and chrome – this is the perfect blend to achieve this look. An injection of colour is one of the hottest looks for modern bathrooms. But rest assured that this is not about pale and olive colours. Think colours that are unapologetic and bold. If your purse strings are not too tight, the luxe way to get this look is to invest in one statement piece like a fantastic bath or a striking sink and keep everything else simple. If your full suite is too much or too expensive, the clever way to do colour is to keep your main hardware white (tub and toilet) and add brightness with our cupboards or sink units. Voila! Minimum disruption with maximum impact.

Sometimes it is tricky to find quality coloured bathroom kits in India. So thank goodness for accessories. For an instant update pick multi-hued towels, a neon coloured storage unit, bright coloured soap dispenser set or even a bold shower curtain. All this will add an instant glamour to your bathroom. To pull your entire look together, decide on a colour scheme, choose the shape (either square or curvy) and most of all, don’t overdo it. You can also boost bathrooms with colours on the walls or even floors. Use tiles or paint to your advantage. Even covering just one wall with a bright and good quality tile will make a huge difference. Rather than buying a potentially hair - raising red tub or basin, keep bath ware white and add colour to a signature wall. Just make sure you use paints which are humidity resistant and can be easily wiped.

8 Simple Rules for Your Bathroom Design

1. Always separate the wet area from the dry area.

2. Have your plumber check your water pressure before buying anything. Some taps and showers only work for high-pressure systems.

3. When designing the layout for your bathroom, place your water heater outside the bathroom so it does not take away from the design.
Another option is to place the geysers above the false ceiling. Each of the three looks requires a different type of geyser. So make sure you inform the salesperson when you are making your purchase.

4. When choosing your bathroom hardware, don’t feel compelled to buy all the products from one place – shop around!

5. Try having a storage shelf built around a standard square tub to save space and give your bathroom a chic look.

6. Be realistic. A small bathroom will look much smaller if you insist on a six – foot corner tub. A mirrored wall on the other hand instantly enlarges the place.

7. Don’t put carpets in a bathroom. It is unhygienic and will smell.

8. Keep your height in mind while buying tubs. If the tub you purchase is very long your toes can’t touch the end and you will not be able to lie back and relax without slipping under the water. On the other hand, if it is too short you will have to sit cooped up in the tub and your ‘soaking in’ time will hardly be refreshing.


Think of taps like finishing touch jewellery for your bathroom.

A great shower should feel like you are being soaked by warm rain, not being spat at or drowned.

Good looks aside, loos need to be easy to clean – so no dust – collecting crevices.

Make sure it is set at the right height and if you have room, fit two to avoid the morning rush!

Adding a super – chic WATERPROOF flat screen to your bathroom is the latest trend. But take care not to stay in the tub watching your favourite soap until you are shrivelled up like a prune!

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