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Embodying a natural grace, Priya Anand can pull off any look, be it trendy or traditional. Take a sneak peek into her eclectic wardrobe, and find out what makes her tick!

I care about comfort more than anything else; so you will always find me wearing a comfy pair of shorts with a cute tee. For the stifling summer heat and humidity, in particular, these clothes are just spot on!

Shopping is my favorite pastime, take me to anywhere in the world and I can shop. Be it a remote village, or be it New York City, it doesn’t matter at the least! I can shop anywhere and anytime. I relish it!

Bags, without a doubt. Good Lord, I really like bags. Bags are the only thing I don’t buy unless it is from a really good brand. I’m really not very fussy and I can even do with street shopping for everything else, like clothes, footwear or accessories. But when it comes to bags I absolutely need that tag!

I love dressing up for occasions, and I go completely traditional when I do so! I like long skirts, so a pavada dhavani or a lehenga will definitely be my pick among the different traditional attires.

My lip balm is something that I always carry in my bag, wherever I go. Though I love getting all dolled up and of course, the prepping up part that comes with my job, I don’t really wear any make-up or carry any with me while I’m off work. I rarely get a day off from my shooting schedule, and when I do get one off I’m happy to chill without any sort of make up on at all, apart from my lip balm.

I love shopping in the US. Since I grew up there, I pretty much know my way around the place and also know where the great deals are. I would say that it is both my favourite as well as my dream-shopping destination!

There is this diamond ring that I wear all the time. No matter which movie it is or what role I play, I just never take it off.

Alexander Mc Queen and Stella McCartney are certainly my dream weavers. But in reality, I think I would love to work with any designer, as each one will have elements in their work that cannot be found in any another. Especially when they design for you in specific, it’s bewitching as to how they see you and what they bring out in you!


Sneakers! I’m trying to get back to the gym.

I got hold of a pair of Passport sunglasses recently. I’ve also had this pair of aviators since forever and I’ve grown so attached to them that I’m just unable to get rid of them!

A Longines wristwatch, quite awhile back.


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