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13 Must Have Accessories for 2013

A brand new year calls for some brand new accessories for your home. Preethi Shanker reveals 2013’s hot home accessories

As in fashion, home accessories can either make or break the look of a room. They may seem mundane and you may already have all of them, but with our accessory checklist, this 2013 you will stay on top of décor trends and have an enviable abode

13. Photo frames
Photo frames are one of the most personal symbols you find in any house. Display your photos in different types of frames. Frames are also great house gifts as they are useful and beautiful. For an interesting take, arrange different frames of various sizes and shapes with similar photographs atop a chest of drawers. The grandeur of the armoire will be a good contrast to the subtlety of the photos. Fill your home with memories and be surrounded by joy all the time.

12. Key holder
What’s the first thing you do when you enter your house? Look for a place to stash your keys. This is crucial because more often than not you are always rushing out of your home and it would be good to have a specific place for your car, house and any other keys you might have. Key hooks come in a variety of shapes and sizes now. For the new age look go for magnetic key loops. Another easy and very effective way is to use a bowl or a plate that is placed either on your shoe rack or a table near the entrance. Just throw your keys in when you walk in and pick them up when you leave. Simple and effective!

11. A creative shelf
We are forever looking for creative ways to showcase our objects in our living area. The latest trend is to use creatively shaped shelving. Gone are the days of boxed wall-to-wall shelves that hold your memorabilia. For an instant conversation starter opt for a shelf in an innovative shape. Creative shelves come in various colours and textures. Sometimes, just leaving the racks empty will give it a unique appeal.

10. Vases
There is nothing that gives your home a sense of warmth and cosiness than a tall vase filled with long stemmed flowers in different hues. With the green of the stalk to complement the colours of the flowers, a tall glass vase is second to none. Today, vases made from ceramic, crystal and glass are used to complement our home décor. To add a creative twist, add marbles or stones to the bottom of the vase and then top it with water. This instantly gives it a very resort like vibe. And vases are not just for flowers anymore. When you don’t get your hands on fresh blooms, you can fill them up with pebbles, dried leaves and even buttons. Anything that will make an impact can become a décor trend.

9. Wall Art
From paintings to sculptures to kids' crayon drawings, art is one of the most common and most versatile home accessories. No matter what your taste or decorating scheme is, you can find or create a piece of art that fits your home's look. Even a cluster of 3D objects can be termed as wall art if placed accordingly. A papyrus scroll framed perfectly makes for the perfect piece of art over a couch. If your home is minimalist, then opt for metallic finishes, whereas if you have a more traditional home, choose something a bit more warm.

8. Potpourri
With the rising level of pollution, potpourri is a godsend in modern day India. The lovely scent that exudes from dried flowers is extremely relaxing. Not only does this serve to remove any foul smells from your house, but they also look rather appealing. It lends your home a contemporary yet traditional feel. Fill a big coloured bowl with potpourri and leave it near your washbasins. Fill smaller bowls and leave them around the house, on your nesting tables, the dining table and the bathrooms.

7. Indoor plants
Houseplants help bring the outdoors inside and breathe life into any space. In addition to this, they help reduce stress, improve your mood and even boost your creativity. And the joy of seeing a new bud bloom is unmatchable. When you are choosing your plants, try to find ones that complement your décor. If you are not one to religiously remember to water your houseplants, opt for ones that require watering only at large intervals. Don’t forget to ask the nursery about sunlight requirements as well.

6. Mirrors
Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all??? With the kind of creative and quirky mirrors in the market these days, the answer to that question will probably be “the mirror” itself. The known fact of course is that mirrors make your rooms look bigger. But with decorative mirrors available now, they are not simply a functional element anymore. Sure you catch a glimpse of yourself twenty times a day, but a mirror can be used to pull a room together. A large framed mirror can be hung like a painting, making it a centrepiece in a room. Even small hand mirrors, typically silver, can act as complementary accessories to your décor. Arrange a group of interestingly shaped mirrors on one wall and make that the focal point of your room.

5. Throws
Throws seem to be a concept of the western world especially owing to our weather. But there is nothing that spells cosy more than snuggling up on the couch to watch TV wrapped in a throw (even a relatively thin one). Choose a woven fabric is a completely different shade from the colour scheme of your living area to add that pop of colour.

4. Rugs
Have you ever walked on a rug over and over just because you love the feel of it against your bare feet? Used for thousands of years now, carpets and rugs add a feel good factor to any room. The unique craftsmanship of Persian carpets makes them a one of a kind investment to make for your homes. Available in countless patterns, colours, styles and sizes, rugs can be used either under a coffee table or simply on their own. Each rug you pick out will have a personality of its own, so always measure your space before making a purchase.

3. Candles
Gone are the days when candles were associated with churches or romantic interludes. With the variety of shapes and sizes available, candles now adorn countertops in every home. Like flowers, candles add a sense of warmth and comfort to your home. The muted light of candles also creates a sense of calm and peace. Use scented candles in bathrooms and living areas, whereas for kitchens and dining rooms stick to ordinary ones as they interfere with food smells. For an instant uplifting atmosphere, use candles!

2. Clocks
Clocks are the most mundane and often most overlooked accessories in any home. It is a common feature in most houses often in more rooms than one. Then why is it that do we not pay too much attention to this accessory. Clocks can serve more than just necessity. They can have an aesthetic appeal as well. An antique grandfather clock can be used as a centrepiece or even a room separator. Even regular wall clocks have been taken up a notch with different designs and functions. The only tip to bear in mind when buying novelty clocks is to place easily readable clocks in common areas and the slightly funky ones in kids’ bedrooms.

1. Personal Collectibles
The only rule you need here is that anything goes. It is your home and it is up to you to add some of your personality to it. If you like music, hang up a guitar on an accent wall; if reading is your thing, then creatively display some books on the wall. Anything goes – from vinyl records and Swarovski to porcelain cats and eclectic teapots use everything but stick to one major theme. If you have an old birdcage up in the attic, fish it out, dust it, paint it a bright shade of turquoise and green and watch it transform your entire room. Imbibe a sense of being into your house and let your personality shine with your personal collectibles.

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